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Wednesday April 26 Flat Stanley author Jeff Brown

Teachers.Net brings you Jeff Brown, on Wednesday, April 26, 9pmE. Jeff is the creator of the Flat Stanley series of books which have inspired thousands of educators and their students to send "Flat Stanley" traveling buddies on adventures all over the globe. Read about and post your Flat Stanley and other traveling buddy projects at Wed Apr 26 - 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

04/06 Special Education Teachers-Sharing Ideas & Strategies Moderator Randy/TN
04/08 NBPTS EC-GEN Chat
04/09 Spanish Chat
04/10 Reading Recovery teachers' chat Moderator Mary K&1.Topic: The Teacher's Role In Change Over Time During Writing. TOMORROW 4/11: Developmental Spelling with Grace Vyduna Haskins
04/11 Developmental Spelling with Grace Vyduna-Haskins What do we really mean by developmental spelling instruction? Discussion will center on how children learn to spell naturally, ways we can help them develop through carefully sequenced instruction,spelling as a process rather than a product, and what we can expect as results of that instruction.
04/13 Student & Beginning Teachers Chat with Mentor from
04/15 NBPTS EC-GEN Chat
04/16 Spanish Chat
04/17 Monthly Chat for Substitute Teachers Moderated by Janet/AR
04/18 EC/Primary-Vacation homework? Do you assign work during school vacations in an effort to maintain skills? Do the kids need a break? What works for you and your students?
04/19 Elem/Middle School Teachers' Chat. Unmoderated Chat for teachers of elementary and middle school students
04/20 Beth Bruno Chat: Music Lessons-What is Appropriate? Music Lessons for children - Who? When? How? What about those dreaded practice sessions?
04/22 NBPTS EC-GEN Chat
04/23 Spanish Chat
04/24 Reading Recovery Teachers' Chat Moderator Mary K&1. Remember your school secretary on Wed. 4/26!
04/25 EC/Primary chat Don't forget: Tomorrow 4/26 chat with Jeff Brown, author of the Flat Stanley books, 9pmE Conference Room
04/26 Chat with Flat Stanley author Jeff Brown Visit the Traveling Buddies Chatboard for Internet and postal project ideas at
04/27 GATE Teachers' Open Chat. PLAN AHEAD: On May 9 Ethan Bronner, Education Editor for the New York Times will chat in the Conference Room at 9pmE
04/28 Parochial School Teachers chat at 9E, California at 9pmPacific
04/29 NBPTS EC-GEN Chat. PLAN AHEAD: On May 24 Kathy Schrock, creator of the popular Schrock's Guide will chat at 9pmE
04/30 Spanish Chat