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Free Macintosh Computers for Teachers!
by Carole Holcomb (MacTreasures)

What began as a service for a customer, has turned into a full-fledged program for the benefit of schools. MacTreasures now maintains a database of donors of Macintosh equipment and schools seeking Macintosh equipment. In some areas we even have volunteers to help set up equipment.

MacTreasures' role in this program is solely to provide donors a listing of schools near them that are interested in receiving computer donations. The donator is requested to be sure that all donated equipment be in good working order, but this cannot be guaranteed. All logistics are to be worked out between the donator and the school, such as shipping costs, pick-up if donator is close, etc. MacTreasures does not have a part in any of the follow-up logistics.

Basic information on the school is needed, including:

  • Contact information, including location
  • Summary of what Apple/Macintosh computers the school has currently
  • If the school wants to upgrade, wants more of the same, etc.
  • A little about the school (this need not be long, but a summary).
None of this information need be lengthy. The donators are given listings of schools in their area/city, state or country, including a copy of the email from the school contact with the above school information. The donator makes the selection as to where to donate their equipment and contacts the school to make delivery arrangements. The cost of shipping/delivery will be between the donator and the school. In some cases the donator might want the school to pick-up shipping costs. Donators might be seeking tax deductions for the equipment.

If you wish to have a school included in the Macintosh Computer Donation Program, send an email with the above information to