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Lesson #1640. Fraction Pizza

Posted by Shelby Burkholder, Elementary Education Major at Penn State University, Altoona
Mathematics, level: Elementary; Materials Required: 2 copies of 8 cut pizza design, pizza box
Activity Time: 30 minutes (minimum) ; Concepts Taught: fractions

The first step would take place prior to the lesson. This involves stopping by local pizza shops and asking for them to donate pizza boxes for this activity.

Each student will have their own pizza box with one 8 cut pizza design glued to the bottom of the pizza box to act as a reference. The other 8 cut pizza design will be for the students to manipulate to solve fractions. Prior to using the pizzas, the teacher can either review fractions or introduce the topic if it is new. The students can perform a variety of addition and subtraction fraction problems. For example, "If you ate 2 slices of pizza, what fraction would represent the number of pieces remaining?"

In addition to solving the math problems, the students can answer realistic questions (guided by the teacher) to allow them to make inferences and higher order thinking. For example, you can ask "If we were to cut each of these 8 cuts of pizza in half, will there be more pizza?" another example would be "If we were to cut each of these 8 cuts of pizza in half, how many pieces would there be?"

When the activity is completed, each student can replace all of their slices of pizza in the pizza box for the next time they are put to use.

Have fun with the pizza, perhaps at the end of the lesson, you could order real pizza, but of course not allow the students to eat any until a fraction problem is solved!

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