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Volume 1 Number 9

Yes, you CAN write a book and teach at the same time! This month's cover story by successful author and teacher Marjan Glavac explains how he was able to get published directly from the classroom.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
A Chat with Alfie Kohn
Jan Fisher Column
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Write A Book and Teach
Interview with Joe Pickett
Wake up Sleepyhead!
When We Care for Children
Teaching about Native Americans
Early Childhood Interventions
A Veteran Teacher Looks at SFA
Developing Homework Policies
Visually Impaired Experience in School
Web News & Events
Letters to the Editor
Poll: What About Homework?
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Beth Bruno: Taking Creative Risks...
Writing may not be your secret passion. You might long to sing professionally, dabble in photography, create films or dance on stage. Maybe that unique invention of yours will sell, if you take the time to develop it and bring it to light. You are the only person who holds you back....

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Wake Up Sleepyhead...
I often walk by the preschoolers or kindergartners and wish that I could switch places with them after lunch. I would love to curl up on my mat and take even a fifteen-minute power nap....

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Classroom Humor...
This month the Gazette adds our newest feature to our Classroom Humor page - two new cartoons from cartoonist J.P. Wood! Take a load off and check out this month's contribution from YENDOR, Goose, and more.....

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Write a Book and Teach....
The author of The Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web answers the question, "How did you find the time to write the books?" Finding the time was the easy part - finding a way to organize and write the book was the hard part. This month's cover story by Marjan Glavac provides great advice for teachers who want to become published but still remain in the classroom.

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Win an A.H.Dictionary!
Find out how you can win a new American Heritage dictionary. This month the Gazette features an interview with Joe Pickett from American Heritage and more! Full story
The First Five Minutes
This month Harry Wong explains that the first few minutes of the class are the most critical. Get your classes off on the right foot from the starting gun.... Full story

Jan Fisher: The Only Behavior You Control...
One of the first books I read on management, began with the statement, "The only behavior you can control is your own." Now that made sense to me! I thought about the people in my family whom I thought I could control. My husband? My children? Did they do everything I said? Are you kidding---not on your life! Even the poodle wasn't into control....
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Collaboration is the Key
"Competition increases performance, but collaboration increases learning." This month Dr. Marhshall explains why we should foster collaboration in the classroom....
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Discussion with Alfie Kohn
In October Teachers.Net invited outspoken author Alfie Kohn to be our live chatroom. If you couldn't make it, here's your chance to see what you missed....
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Cheryl Sigmon: Are We Demanding Enough?
In the past we gave kids long lists of words to learn--or rather, to memorize--for the test on Friday. Parents worked with kids at home to practice the words, and kids did exercises out of the spelling book to practice these words, too. And, yes, they usually did really well on Friday's test--most "aced" it. But, on Monday, we found those words misspelled in their journals. What's wrong...?
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