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Have you missed out on some of our best live chats ever? Now you can sit in on the past with celebrated educational authors and guests. Visit the Teachers.Net Archive today!
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Early childhood teachers meet every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern in the Teachers.Net Meeting Room. Click here for the complete schedule of live meetings on Teachers.Net.
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All live events are at 9pm * Eastern * in the Meeting Room, unless otherwise indicated. All live events are available free of charge to educators. Contact Kathleen Carpenter to suggest or inquire about moderating a live event.

Monday March 6 Harry Wong & Marjan Glavac

Teachers.Net brings you Harry Wong, internationally known speaker and author of the million-seller The First Days of School-How to Be an Effective Teacher. Live Monday evening, March 6, with Marjan Glavac, Teachers.Net regular and author of The Teacher's Guide to the World Wide Web. Join our live chat with these respected authors and share and learn some great new ideas. Mon Mar 6 - 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

03/01 4-Blocks Literacy Chat (unmoderated, open chat)
03/02 Special Education Issues (Monthly Meeting)
03/03 9pm Alabama Teachers. 10pm Georgia Teachers
03/04 NBPTS EC-Gen Chat
03/06 Harry Wong with Marjan Glavac-Classroom Management Harry Wong, internationally known speaker and author of the million-seller, The First Days of School-How to Be an Effective Teacher
03/07 EC/Primary weekly chat: Alternatives to Field Trips Let's brainstorm ideas for when you can't leave the school grounds but want to enrich the program
03/09 Student & Beginning Teachers Monthly Mentored Chat Mentor/author Emma McDonald of sponsor
03/10 Canadian Teachers' Meeting
03/11 NBPTS EC-Gen Chat
03/13 Reading Recovery Teachers' Meeting Moderator Mary K&1
03/14 EC/Primary: Managing the Difficult Child
03/15 Elementary/Middle Teachers' Monthly Meeting
03/17 9pm NC Teachers; 10 pm Texas Teachers
03/18 NBPTS EC-Gen Chat
03/20 Substitute Teachers' Monthly Meeting
03/21 EC/Primary: Earth Day & Other Spring activities
03/24 9pm Pacific: California Teachers
03/25 NBPTS EC-Gen Chat
03/27 Chat for Reading Recovery Teachers RR chats are scheduled twice each month, on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, 9pmE
03/28 EC/Primary: Activities for Teaching Map Skills
03/30 Living On the Edge-Fiction By Peace Corps Writers editor John Coyne