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Have you checked out the Teachers.Net Project Center lately? Every week, teachers around the planet design and implement distance interactive projects for their students. Make your classroom a global experience, join a classroom project today!
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Celebrate 100 Days in your classroom. Stay on top of a stream of ideas and share experiences with other K-6 teachers around the world. 100 Days is a classroom theme made popular through the Joan Holub bestseller "100 Days." Click for more details on 100 Days.
Teachers in Focus...
Guidelines for Traveling Mascot Project
by Addie Gaines

From Traveling Mascots
Objective: Each of 7 participating classrooms will learn about other areas of the country through the exchange of a class mascot, email, and digital photos. A website will be maintained so that all classes can keep track of the mascots. Each mascot will have his/her own page for an online journal, photo album and links related to his/her area of the country. I am taking responsibility for keeping the pages updated for each mascot throughout the project and will use the information/photos shared via email.

Required technology: All participating classrooms must have access to internet and e-mail at least in a lab setting, preferably in a classroom setting. Classrooms will need access to a digital camera or scanner. Classroom teachers should set up a mail ring or distribution list so that all members of the exchange can be sent each e-mail. To cut down on expense, photos should be digital and sent to the group via email.

Other requirements: All participating classrooms must commit to the mailing dates and procedures, so that all participating classrooms reap the benefits of this exchange. Please consider the commitment of time, energy and money (postage) and be sure that you are willing to carry this out for the entire year, before you agree to participate in this exchange.

Procedures: At the beginning of school, each class will select a mascot that is representative of the state or area. The mascot will start the year in the classroom. Digital pictures will be taken of the mascot's classroom activities and e-mailed to the group along with a description of the school and community. Links related to the classroom, city, state, or topics the classroom is studying should be shared with the group and will be posted on each mascot's page. Digital pictures submitted for publication on the website should not contain recognizable pictures of the students, although other photos may contain pictures of the kids. It is suggested that teachers print out photos and emails and help students create a scrapbook for their mascot. On Sept. 15th the mascot will be mailed to the next classroom on the list. Each classroom will take more digital photos to share with the other classrooms and write emails describing class activities to the group. Activities will be recorded on each mascot's online journal page. Subsequent mailing dates are: October 15th, November 15th, January 15th, February 15th, March 15th. The mascots will be returned to their original classrooms on April 15th. There is no December mailing date, due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

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