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Colorado Gathering...
Teachers are gathering, join them this summer in Colorado. The CO Gathering is scheduled for July 5-8 and will be held at beautiful Colorado Springs. Click on the link below for full details on the Colorado Gathering!

Colorado Gathering

Pennsylvania Gathering...
Teachers, meet your fellow teachers this Summer in the state of Pennsylvania. The PA Gathering will be held the weekend of July 7 to July 9. Click on the link below for full details and to join the on-going discussion in anticipation of this exciting event!

Pennsylvania Gathering

Staffroom Flyer...
Hot off the presses, download a copy of the new Teachers.Net Flyer. Post flyers in your staffroom and pass along copies to your friends. Harness the power of Teachers.Net at your school, and in turn strengthen our teaching community!

Download Staffroom Flyer

Introducing the Teachers.Net Gazette: Multimedia Web Magazine Exclusively for Teachers!
by Bob Reap

One of the most rewarding aspects of the on-line community is the opportunity for widespread peer review. At Teachers.Net we've pioneered the teacher community with the Internet's most active teacher forums. We've delivered more than 10 million email messages to teachers around the globe. This month Teachers.Net will offer an entirely new range of opportunities for teacher expression and publication, with the introduction of our new Web magazine The Teachers.Net Gazette.

The Teachers.Net Gazette is a voice for the online teacher, providing those seeking to publish a broadcast opportunity at public access costs. Teachers.Net is actively soliciting proposals for articles and press releases for publication in the Gazette. Send unpublished original education articles, news stories, or coverage of a Teachers.Net community event to the Gazette editors at the address below. The Gazette will also a showcase the work of renowned names in education, such as Cheryl Sigmon, Beth Bruno, and some other very exciting names just over the horizon.

The Gazette includes interactive features designed to extend and further integrate our teacher community. The Gazette presents new opportunites to express opinions, develop perspectives, and learn from other teachers expressing themselves. But the Gazette is much more than simply a dependable outlet for teachers. The Gazette has the great fortune of coming into existence at the dawn of the Internet Age. The Gazette will enjoy unimaginable opportunities to integrate new technologies and deliver cutting edge content to teachers online for years to come.

In keeping with Teachers.Net's successful formula, the Gazette will seek to make the reader the author through absorbing interactive resources. Thought-provoking articles side-by-side with open-access forums makes for fast-growing dialog on an endless variety of educational topics, and promising long-term content. Each month we'll introduce a new interactive resource to supplement the Gazette experience. This month's addition is the Letters to the Editor column.

Teachers are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunites afforded by the Gazette Magazine. Submit articles and news stories by email to our editor at the address below. Selected articles will be published in a future Gazette issue and archived on Teachers.Net thereafter. Submit thoughtfully composed Letters to the Editor on current items in education and the Teachers.Net Community.

Teachers who can neither submit articles nor letters can still support the Gazette. Subscribe your address below to receive a bulletin on the first of each month, detailing that month's new stories and columns available on the Gazette Web Magazine. To receive "home delivery," subscribe your email address in the box at the end of this article.

Get Involved with the Gazette!
Teachers, here's your chance to get involved and help support the Gazette Web magazine.