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Volume 3 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "The effective teacher is prepared"...
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Letters to the Editor...
the extra work we put in

I agree that we put in untold hours and
untold expense to a job that the district
nor administrators do not realize or give us
credit for. This extra work is really
"expected" however. I believe that many
know that the good teachers will prepare e
every night 2or 3 hours, will spend their
own funds to buy things so that just the
basic learning can be done. The
administration knows
teaching is a rewarding profession and
desirable job and tkes full advantage of the
fact that teachers will do extra because of
the nature of the teacher and the job.
Teachers have been doing extra for many eons
to enhance learning. The administration does
know that extra work is being done, extra
expense of the teacher is being spent.
Whether in each individual case this is the
fact is another story. However, the
profession has been doing this extra effort
for centuries and is well knownby the
admiistration. They count on this extra
effort to save money among other things.
Those teachers who do extra and enhance
learning are often not the most highly
rated teachers, but moderately rated.

Stewart E Brekke

stewart brekke,,

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