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Volume 3 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong remind us that, "The effective teacher is prepared"...
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Letters to the Editor...
Eight Grade

Eight Grade was the last year of school
that I attended, and I was a troubled
teen, a terrible student, and a menace the
administration of any school I ever
attended. My last year of school was at
Log College Middle School in Warminster
Pennsylvania and it was that year my life
was changed forever by three men; Mr
Faehner, Mr. Able, and Mr. Senick. These
three men reached a child who was
unreachable, saved a child who was written
off as a lost cause, and showed him how to
succeed in life. The unfortunate part is
I do not believe they know. School wasn't
for me and although I never returned, I
have never forgot what those three men
taught me. It would mean so very much to
me to tell these three men how much they
changed my life, but I do not know how to
reach them. If you have any advice,
please email me back...

They may not remember me, and I may never
be able to reach them.. but I have become
the man I am today because of them and I
owe to them a debt which can never be
repaid. Thank you, all of you, for doing
the job you do.

Tim James,,

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