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Volume 2 Number 1

This month Harry Wong sings the praises of the intrepid, forever under-appreciated classroom teacher.
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School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
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Benefits of the Sight Impaired in Your Class
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Educational Events
by Harry Wong

New Teacher Induction Workshop

Editor's note: the following announcement was provided by Harry Wong, who asked that we pass word along about the following program....

The finest new teacher induction program is conducted by the Flowing Wells Schools of Tucson, AZ. They've been doing it for 15+ years and the quality of their schools shows the efficacy of training new teachers when they first join a district. They get so many request for information on what they do - and it's a five year program - that a few years ago they decided to hold a two day workshop for those who want to come and see and hear about what they do.

Although they charge a nominal fee (food, materials, local transportation), it's not a for-profit conference. It's run by a school district.

New Teacher Induction Workshop

What: Training Seminar on How to Implement a Quality Induction, Mentoring, and Staff Development Program

Sponsor: Flowing Wells School District of Tucson, AZ

When: March 19 and 20, 2001 - 8am to 4pm.

Weather: Better than perfect for golf, tennis, swimming and relaxing.

Experience: They have had a new teacher induction program for 15+ years and every school in the district has won the Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence. This is a tribute to the quality of their teachers.

Cost: $500 per person (less in groups of 4 or more)

For more information on the program and housing, contact:

    Susie Heintz, Staff Development Coordinator
    Flowing Wells School District
    1556 W Prince Road
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    TL: (520) 690-2204
    FX: (520) 690-2400