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Volume 4 Number 2

When it comes to using their own money to purchase classroom materials and supplies, teachers have pockets deeper than Captain Kangaroo's...
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Ruthless administrators

I am wondering if I have any recourse when
in overseas schools as far as violations of
contracts are concerned ? It seems as
though I've run into a problem. It's my
first job overseas. After I arrived in the
country the school shoved a policy in front
of me that stated I won't talk about
anything the school does. I felt I had to
sign or quit and pay my own way home.
Since I've been here the following has

1. Advertised teacher’s positions without
informing them.
2. Changed teacher’s contracts after
3. Reduced shipping allowance after
4. Misrepresented truths to the school
board re: teacher actions.
5. Misled teachers re: student abilities
and school policies.
6. Regarded “casual” meetings as official
disciplinary notification after the fact.
7. Face-to-face misrepresentation of the
truth by an administrator.

Three teachers are quiting this year. I
pity the poor teachers being recruited. If
I say anything I WILL get fired.

Is there any hope ??????????

Joe Q

Joe Qatari, joeqatari,

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