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Volume 3 Number 9

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Reading Stats/Sonia

The NZ reading stats were found in several
articles in the New Zealand Herald Online.
One of the articles stated that the literacy
statics were inflated and not a true picture
since some of the population was excluded.

In another article in the April 18, 2001
edition, the reporter states that there are
1 million adults whose literacy level does
not meet the minimum level needed to perform
everyday tasks. It also states that one in
five New Zealand adults are below normal
levels and 200,OOO of those are at the very
bottom of the literacy scale.

In addition the Ministry of Education, in a
1998 report of the Literacy Taskforce,
reported that they are concerned with the
wide gap between the highest and lowest
levels of reading achievement and
significant differences in performance in
all areas between particular groups of

With a little time and effort, interested
individuals can find this information by
going to New Zealand newspapers on-line and/
or the New Zealand Ministry of Education.



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