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Volume 2 Number 6

Harry & Rosemary Wong explain how a good university can help you master your classroom from day one. Read this month's cover story and be in control from the moment your students enter your classroom....
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Busy Educator's Monthly 5
Around the Block With...
Back to School
The Unsinkable Sub
Diary of a Second Year Teacher
Find Online Degree Programs
Role Model For Visually Impaired
Readerís Theater
2001 Fall CUE Conference
Magical Mystery Tourists
Teaching Reading after Elementary School
High Stakes Testing
From Curiosity To Concept
6 Traits: Tactile/Kinesthetic Manipulatives
Review: Gifts of All Children
Poem: Our Children - Their Future
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Humor from the Classroom
Letters to the Editor
New in the Lesson Bank
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
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Magical Mystery Tourists...
In the Magical Mystery Tour class, second through fifth grade students learned the basics of mystery writing through listening to mystery selections, journaling, practicing elements of mystery writing...

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Back To School...
I recommend one activity that has the potential to make a tremendous difference: Make it a family practice to visit your local library once a week and have each child check out as many books as he can carry....

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Tactile/Kinesthetic Manipulatives...
Many times when I give inservices to teachers, the first question that I hear is "What traits should I be teaching at my grade level?" It's a hard question to answer because I don't believe you can teach "pieces" isolated from the others....

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Harry & Rosemary Wong: How a Good University Can Help You
By preparing your classroom for success, you have greatly increased the odds of your success as an effective teacher and your students' success as responsible learners in the world. Your classroom management skill is the solid foundation on which the seeds of greatness will be sewn. It's a monumental responsibility. But then, individuals did not build great monuments. Use Teachers.Net as one of the most effective resources available today. There is a community of caring educators tapped into this site who truly want to help you be the most effective teacher you can be....
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What Confidences Don't You Keep?
If a 13-year-old reports to her teacher/counselor that she is pregnant, do you (the teacher/counselor) keep the information confidential and work with her on the issue of telling her parents...
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Diary of a 2nd Year Teacher
I went to Home Depot to ask for carpet today. Last year, I spent way too much money on my classroom. Hubby and I are just starting out, and I have got to stop spending...
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Around the Block with First Grade
To teach first grade is to witness a small miracle every year. Each September I receive a group of what are little more than babies---some are only 5 years old, all need to be reminded daily to use the bathroom at recess, most arrive at the door the first day looking scared and clutching a parent's hand. The miracle occurs at different times for each of them. For some, it's beginning to happen in September and October; for others, it happens about Christmas time. If you are lucky, by Spring Break the miracle will have happened for all of them. And just what is this miracle...?
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Reflection And Self-Evaluation
As important as reflection is in learning new information, the practice is equally as important for self-growth. When applied to oneself, reflection is referred to as self-evaluation..... (part two of three) Full story
4 Blocks & Process Teaching
It's almost that time again - when a brand new group of students will troop into your classroom and you will begin your task of shepherding them along on their individual paths to literacy....
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