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Volume 3 Number 11

A new museum dedicated to exploring the role of visual art in children's literature from around the world will open in Amherst, Massachusetts in November 2002...
SMORK's Awesome Internet Sites for Kids from: Deanna Phillips
The World’s Largest Lesson - 12 November 2002! from: Charis Kumpula
Cornell News - Removing stains from: Susan S. Lang
Parent resource for the DOE from: Dean Kephart
Nestlé Very Best In Youth - All About RIF - Reading is Fundamental from: Reading is Fundamental
2003 Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program - Three Week Study Visit to Japan from: Jaime McQueen
U.S. History 101: Preserve and Protect from: Hallie Reed
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd): A Guide for Educators from: Gina Hoagland
Volunteer at a Library in Africa or Central America from: The World Library Partnership
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In Focus...
SMORK's Awesome Internet Sites for Kids

From: Deanna Phillips

A wonderful Internet guide has recently been published by teachers and moms, which includes descriptive and fun-to-read reviews of hundreds of the best websites on the Internet for children 5-13 years of age. This book provides safe and appealing resources that inspire children to learn, expand their interests and have fun! It includes a wide variety of subject categories and is an excellent reference tool for homework, projects, sports, hobbies, and much more.

SMORK's mission is to help children and their parents have a safe, fun and education Internet experience while encouraging children to become environmentally aware and responsible global citizens.

With the Internet being increasingly integrated into our schools and homes, this unique sourcebook is one that children benefit from throughout their elementary school experience. SMORK's Awesome Internet Sites for Kids is recommended by several E-learning Coordinators of various school boards. This book is also recommended by Technology and Leaning, Teacher/Librarian, Canadian Living and Chicago Parent magazines -- as well as TVO, the Ontario Media Corp, the NY Times and USA Today.

SMORK's Safe URL's help prevent children from viewing inappropriate content on the Internet, allowing them to navigate easily and independently in a safe learning environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for younger children and those who have minimal computer and Internet searching skills.

Important tips on accessing the Internet safely, responsibly and effectively are distributed throughout the book. Special category selections, such as Community Building and Save Our Planet, reinforce the importance of being a responsible global citizen. Fun illustrations, fascinating facts and activities make this a book that children enjoy referring to often.

Knowing teachers do not have time to Web-surf, a special category recommends websites that help keep educators up to date on the latest teaching tools and trends. There are pages filled with useful resources for parents too.

As parents and teachers, we are all too aware of the need for supplementary funding in our schools and would like to see as many children as possible benefit from the distribution of this publication. To this end, a fundraising package has been designed specifically for elementary schools.

The fundraising kit includes:

  • Two free copies of the book for children to access at the school computer lab or library.
  • Five colorful SMORK posters, which provide safe surfing and keyboarding tips.
  • Brochures and order forms for each student.
  • A template letter which schools may personalize and attach to brochures. (This allows schools to detail when they would like order forms returned, to whom any cheques should be made payable and the purpose of the fundraiser etc.)
  • A master order form.

This campaign is very easy and requires no upfront costs. Schools order as many books as parents order and pre-pay for. Delivery is free. Books arrive approximately 10-14 days after the fax order is received.

Books are provided for $8 each with the suggested selling price of $12. Schools earn $4 in proceeds for every book sold. Parents and purchasers benefit with a savings of $3 off the retail price.

Safety is always first. The brochures remind children not to sell SMORK door-to-door.

If you feel your school may be interested in using SMORK as a fundraiser, please contact or Toll Free at (866) 628-9539 x 306. Samples of the book and registration forms are available by e-mail, regular mail and fax.