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Volume 3 Number 5

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    #1061 - Mother's Day Butterfly and Poem

    Posted by Elaine Magud
    Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, CA USA

    Subject: Other
    Level: all
    Materials Required: 3 colors of tempera paint and black, White construction paper, brushes

    Have the child open his hand and spread his fingers. The body of the butterfly is painted in black. Start with the tip of the child's middle finger and paint all the way to the bottom of the palm. Next color the palm on both sides of the black line the first color - I talk about symmetry as I paint. Then paint the thumb and pinky finger with the second color. Lastly paint the last two remaining fingers with the third color. I like to have at least 6 colors available so that all of the butterflies are different.

    Next press the hand onto a piece of white construction paper. Make sure to keep the middle finger still and move the other fingers to expand the "wings" of the butterfly. (I make sure my paper is big enough for two prints - I just print the first one and then move the hand to another area and print again - I use the second handprint as a bulletin board butterfly or sometimes hang from the ceiling).

    When the paint dries you can add antennae with a marker. Cut out butterfly and mount on a contrasting piece of construction paper with the following poem:

    This isn't just a Butterfly
    As you can plainly see.
    I made it with my hand
    Which is a part of me.
    It comes with lots of Love
    Especially to say
    I hope you have a very
    Happy Mother's Day

    Author (Elaine Magud- and you have my permission to copy and use!)

    These are very beautiful if laminated.


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