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Volume 4 Number 1

Corks are popping! January is awards month in the world of children's literature. Esme Codell writes about contenders for the Caldecott award for best illustration in American children's literature, the Newbery for best writing, the Coretta Scott King award, and others...
Special Days This Month by Ron Victoria
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    Gazette Home Delivery:

    Today Is...

    Compiled by
    Ron Victoria

    January is...
    Celebration of Life Month, International Creativity Month, International Year of Freshwater National Clean Up Your Computer Month, National High-Tech Month, National Mail-Order Gardening Month and National Mentoring Month.

    Jan. 1 is ... Z Day
    Jan. 2 is ... Science Fiction Day
    Jan. 3 is ... Festival Of Sleep Day
    Jan. 4 is ... Trivia Day, USA
    Jan. 5 is ... Bird Day
    Jan. 6 is ... Cuddle Up Day
    Jan. 7 is ... Old Rock Day
    Jan. 8 is ... Man Watcher's Day
    Jan. 9 is ... Play God Day
    Jan. 10 is ... Peculiar People Day
    Jan. 11 is ... Family Communication Day
    Jan. 12 is ... Pharmacist's Day
    Jan. 13 is ... Blame Someone Else Day
    Jan. 14 is ... National Dress Up Your Pet Day
    Jan. 15 is ... Hat Day
    Jan. 16 is ... National Nothing Day
    Jan. 17 is ... Golf Day
    Jan. 18 is ... Winnie The Pooh Day
    Jan. 19 is ... Tin Can Day
    Jan. 20 is ... Stay Young Forever Day
    Jan. 21 is ... Hug Day
    Jan. 22 is ... National Popcorn Day
    Jan. 23 is ... National School Nurse Day, USA
    Jan. 24 is ... Women's Healthy Weight Day
    Jan. 25 is ... Kiss Your Pet Day
    Jan. 26 is ... Backwards Day
    Jan. 27 is ... Chocolate Cake Day
    Jan. 28 is ... National Kazoo Day
    Jan. 29 is ... National Puzzle Day
    Jan. 30 is ... Jazz Day
    Jan. 31 is ... Scotch Tape Day