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Volume 4 Number 1

Corks are popping! January is awards month in the world of children's literature. Esme Codell writes about contenders for the Caldecott award for best illustration in American children's literature, the Newbery for best writing, the Coretta Scott King award, and others...
Teachers.Net Again Joins NEA in a Seussian Reading Celebration! by Kathleen Alape Carpenter, Editor
New Tax Law Provides $250 Deduction for Educators by Kathleen Alape Carpenter, Editor
Maslow's Theory of Hierarchical Needs -- Alive and Well in the Classroom by Chuck Brickman
December 14th update from Operation Deep Freeze by LT. Marshall Branch
Editor's e-Picks - January Resources by Kathleen Alape Carpenter, Editor
A Time for Change by Bill Page
If We Want… by Bill Page
H.O.T.S. Activities for Use With the Classroom Word Wall by Michelle Stankevicius
Mid-Year Mark: Closing the Curriculum Gap for ESL Teachers by Jen Cullerton Johnson
Writing Tips for Teachers by Joy Jones
Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect - Even For "High Stakes" Testing by Dr. Dorothy Rich
Attention Teachers! Homogeneous is [not always] a bad word! by Janet Chapman
Dividing With a Difference by P R Guruprasad
A Primer for Teaching in the University by Bikika T. Laloo
Bits and Pieces - Various Small Articles by The Teachers.Net Community
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    Editor's Feature...

    Editor's e-Picks - January Resources

    by Kathleen Alape Carpenter - Editor

    The Teachers.Net Archive is a treasure trove of material, available 24 hours every day. Archived chat transcripts overflow with teachers' favorite, practical ideas and activities, free for the reading. Just click over to the titles that interest you.

    Check the remainder of the Archive at, and don't forget to stop by in the Meeting Room during our almost nightly live, topical chats. Listen, and/or contribute, but do log on for the best form of peer support available on the Internet, right here at Teachers.Net. The meeting schedule is posted at

    Recycling Holiday Cards, Calendars, and More

    Activities to Accompany Jan Brett Books

    Making Resolutions for Improving Practices in the New Year

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    Holidays & Celebrations - D.A.P.

    100th Day Activities

    From the Lessons Bank

    The Teachers.Net Lessons Bank allows you to search the database of more than 2500 entries for the lessons and activities you need. Are your students reading "The Mitten"? Go to, click on "Search" then type in "The Mitten," click "Search" and be rewarded with a fantastic collection of tried and true activities shared by colleagues from all over.

    Here are just some of the January theme lessons available in the Lessons Bank.

    The Mitten Curriculum Web

    Mitten Math

    Mitten Glyph

    Martin L. King, Jr. (4 Blocks)

    Hibernating Animals (K)

    Hat Glyph

    Winter Making Words Lesson

    Penguin Glyph

    Compilation of Winter Activities

    Marshmallow Fun Day

    China Study

    12 Month Song

    Calendar Guessing Game