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Volume 3 Number 12

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NASA Needs Nation's Classrooms to test Educational Product from: the NASA Ames Educational Technology Team
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NASA Needs Nation's Classrooms to test Educational Product

From: Phoumy Sayavong, Educational Technology Evaluator

During the months of January through June, the NASA Ames Educational Technology Team needs educators and their students to assist in testing a web site called Virtual Skies, an on-line educational multimedia series.

If you're a high school teacher looking for a way to capture your students' attention while teaching them geography, mathematics or science concepts, then this is the Web site you've been searching for! Through each of the seven content sections your students will acquire and employ decision-making skills and collaborative skills while applying principles of algebra, geometry and calculus. The science portion of these cross-curricular materials includes concepts involved in RADAR, sound and meteorology as it applies to flight. Each section includes on-line activities complemented by downloadable print materials (PDF files) that can be used in the classroom to supplement the geography, mathematics and science concepts. All activities correlate to the national standards in mathematics, science, geography and technology. Careers in aviation will be showcased as well as NASA research in aviation operations and air traffic management systems.

If you are a teacher at the 9-12 grade levels, your time and input would be greatly appreciated. To learn more information on how to apply, visit

Thank you very much for your time and interest toward this endeavor.

Phoumy Sayavong
Educational Technology Evaluator