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Volume 2 Number 8

Harry & Rosemary Wong say, "Establishing clear and precise classroom procedures and practicing, practicing, practicing them is the same in concept as to why sport teams drill and choirs rehearse." This month the Wongs offer more examples of successful classroom management....
Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Online Classrooms by Leslie Bowman
From Here to There by Ginny Hoover
Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators)
Around the Block by Cheryl Ristow
The Do's and Don'ts of Read-Aloud
Teaching Gayle to Read
Thoughts About Giving
Matthew's Sunshine
Reflections following September 11, 2001
Teachers Are 100% Full Time Workers and Even More
Funding the Season
Forms of Expression, Interview with an Artist
Humor from the Classroom
Handy Recipes
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
New in the Lesson Bank
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Letters to the Editor
Call For Participation
New Sagan Center
The League Gives Poetic License to Canada's Young Writers
Creativity Workshop: Writing, Drawing, Storytelling, and Personal Memoir
Gazette Home Delivery:

About Leslie Bowman...
Leslie Bowman was a K-3 teacher for 15 years; child abuse/neglect investigator for 2 years; designer/author/instructor Personal Safety and Violence Prevention Workshops (onsite and online) for 7 years; country/western line dance instructor for 2 years; college instructor (freshman comp, business communications, sociology) for 2 years.

She received a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning Online from California State University in Dec. 2000 and her M.S.Ed. in June 2001.

Leslie is currently designing and instructing online professional development and graduate courses or teachers, college instructors and business trainers. Portfolio Website: http://onlineteach.

Best Sellers

E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age
by Marc J. Rosenberg

$23.96 from
More information

Online Classrooms
by Sunnie (Leslie Bowman)

Professional Development In Your Pajamas?
Sure, why not? And don't forget the comfy chair and warm fuzzy slippers!

In the old days, professional development ranked right up there along with a trip to the dentist. It was just one of those things that had to be done a couple of times a year but it wasn't something to look forward to. So most people just went along with the program with either gritted teeth or a "grin and bear it" attitude. Professional development is very different now. Not only have professional development models changed; the choices are more interesting and relevant than ever before. You can also take these courses via computer right in your own home. Here is just a very small sample of professional development courses that are available online. Remember that new courses are being added every semester. Pay particular attention to the picture on Connected U's page!

Connected University

Partners: Pepperdine University, Plymouth State College, Adams State College, Texas Tech University (and more) $320-$495

  • Using the Net to Create Thematic Units
  • Science and Technology for Grades 1–6
  • It’s Never Too Soon: Using Technology in Early Childhood Education
  • It Adds Up!: Success with K–2 Math Standards
  • From A to Z: Success with K–2 Reading Standards
  • From Golden Books to Caldecotts: Success with 3–5 Reading Standards
  • Paragraphs, Poetry, and Persuasion: Success with 3–5 Writing
  • The ABC's of Writing: Success with K–2 Writing Standards

Skylight Professional Development

Partners: Drake University and St. Xavier University $260-$415

  • 4 each Assessment, Technology, and Reading/Literacy courses
  • 10 Math and Science courses
  • 20 Teaching/Learning courses (Brain Compatible Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Art, Thematic and Integrated Unit Teaching, Inclusion Strategies, etc.)


Partners: University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, University of Washington, University of San Diego, UCLA $400-$1400

  • Mainstreaming: Teaching Individuals With Special Needs In the Regular Classroom
  • Reading Strategies for K-2 Students
  • Math for Elementary School Teacher

OnlineLearningNet ofStudy/communities.cfm?s=822.d0808013j. 078x305h70&CC=EDU

Partners: San Diego University, UCLA $425-$550

  • Character Education
  • Making Connections in Science Education for K-6 Teachers
  • Assessing and Working with a Beginning Reader at Home or School
  • Phonics for Educators
  • Modifying the Curriculum for Exceptional Learners

Online Learning for Educators

Harvard $495-$595

  • Assessing for Understanding: Feedback, Criteria, and Rubrics
  • Multiple Intelligences Theory: Pathways to Practice
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Teaching to Standards with New Technologies


Type in "online courses" and "teachers" for a complete listing.

Partners: University of Missouri, Emporia State University, University of Southern Colorado, University of Alabama, University of Florida (and more) $424-$750

  • Reading Skills Games for Primary Teachers
  • Preventing School Failure
  • Teaching Students Optimism
  • Teaching Tolerance to Students
  • Human Growth and Development for Teachers

Teacher Education Institute

Partners: Hampton University, Troy State University, Barry University, College of St.Rose, Notre Dame College of Ohio, Carlow College CEU: $195 Grad Credit: $485-$517

  • Teachers Discovering Computers
  • Microsoft Windows - Essential Concepts
  • Microsoft Excel - Complete Concepts
  • The Missing Dialogue: Preventing School Violence
  • Teaching and Learning with Groups: Keys to Success
  • Engaging the Gifted and Talented: Practical Methods and Strategies

For more info on Distance Learning, see my articles in back issues of the Teachers.Net Gazette [] also linked through my website In addition, I maintain a database of regionally accredited online courses and programs, so please feel free to email me [ or] if you need more information about online courses.