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Volume 1 Number 10

Harry and Rosemary Wong are widely regarded as the most reknowned voices in teacher effectiveness. In this month's cover story, the Wongs explore the most integral factors in teacher effectiveness.
Effective Teaching by Harry Wong
Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
Alfie Kohn Article
Jan Fisher Column
4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
The Child in the Back
Integrative Curriculum in a Standards-Based World
Math Principles and Standards
What's With This E-Book Stuff?
Laughing All the Way
4 Blocks Framework Inspires
4 Blocks So. Cal. Gathering
Fundraising Award
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Letters to the Editor
Archives: End of Homework
New in the Lesson Bank
Upcoming Ed Conferences
Humor from the Classroom
Help Wanted - Teaching Jobs
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eFundraising to Award $10,000 in Prizes to Fundraising Schools

What is the Merit Award?

The award is given to the most deserving school related group, class or sports team that has met the criteria for significant contributions to their school, as well as their community, through fundraising or volunteer work. Awards of $1,250 each will be given to groups in 4 regions of the United States, broken up into the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest regions, as well as one national award worth $5,000 given to the most deserving group of students in the country.

When will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen and the awards handed out beginning in February and ending with the presentation of the national award in April. The tentative dates are:

  • Northeast: February 18th
  • Southwest: March 3rd
  • Northwest: March 17th
  • Southeast: April 2nd
  • National Award: April 21st
The deadline for submissions is January 18, 2001!
Who is eligible for the Merit Award?

All groups from K12 through to college in the United States. The groups do not have to be past or present clients of The group must be nominated by a school principal, superintendent or athletic/academic director in order to be eligible. Nominations must be submitted online through the form below.

What type of criteria should school administrators consider when nominating a group?

  • Exceptional school spirit and support of scholastic activities.
  • Acting as model students and representatives of the school body.
  • Displaying good sportsmanship.
  • Fundraising efforts on behalf of the school, class or community.
  • Noteworthy community service involving volunteer work within, or in support of, the community

Click here for more information about eFundraising's Merit Award