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Volume 4 Number 8
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    Teaching Positive Attitude Toward Math

    A message for teachers
    posted by Roger Fuller on the Teacher Chatboard

    Your room is filled with objects including the floor, walls, and ceiling. You can help your students be a little more successful in math by gesturing to them and making a few comments.

    "Look around you. Every object in this room from the floor to the ceiling is touched in some way by algebra. Algebra is involved in making it, shipping it, and even selling it. As you progress towards the time when you will learn algebra (or learn more), remember how important math is in your life. The more math that you learn, the more opportunities you will have in life."

    "Also, remember that just as some of you take longer to eat than others, some of you will naturally take longer to learn the same math meals than others. So, don't worry about needing more time to learn math than the fast eaters. As long as you get enough to eat, you will do just fine."

    Students may not remember all the math that you teach them, but your attitude towards it will never be forgotten.

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