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Volume 3 Number 9

U.S.Coast Guard AVDET 157 welcomes the opportunity during deployment to the South Pole to communicate with classrooms across the United States. Throughout the voyage, aviation personnel will correspond with schools that are interested in Operation Deep Freeze...
Teachers.Net Teams with U.S. Coast Guard Operation Deep Freeze from The Editor, Kathleen Carpenter
Homework as an Issue in American Politics by Etta Kralovec & John Buell
Preparing for the One Year Anniversary by David J. Schonfeld, MD
The Anniversary of September 11th: Teachers' Guide for Talking to Your Students from the National Center For Children Exposed To Violence
Books About September 11, 2001 by Kathleen Carpenter, Editor
Privacy in a Technological Age by Dr. Rob Reilly
Relational Discipline by Bill Page
Teachers Are Individuals Too by Bill Page
Veteran Educators Share Tips for New Teachers Compiled by Jerry Taylor
Learning Centers - 3 Helpful Threads from the NEW Learning Centers Chatboard
Bits and Pieces - Various Small Articles by The Teachers.Net Community
  • For School Administrators and Teachers:
    A Book and Planting Activity for Beginning the School Year
  • Ideas for Open House
  • Breaking the Ice in 7th Grade
  • Book Recommendation
  • Favorite Kid Quotes
  • Uses for Old Business Cards
  • What Makes a Truly Great Principal? A chatboard survey initiated by "TLC"
    A Word Wall Story by Louise/2/Albuquerque
    Teaching Gayle To Read (Part 7) by Grace Vyduna-Haskins
    Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters by JoAnn Deak
    Dear Old Golden Rule Days, Chapter 3 - Music by Janet Farquhar
    Emphasis On Testing Leads To Sacrifices In Other Areas by Alfie Kohn
    Pension Loophole Exploited by Allen Pusey - The Dallas Morning News
    Focus on After-School Time for Violence Prevention from: ERIC Clearinghouse
    Beyond Books: Making the Most of Today's Library Resources by Cindy Rogers
    Master Teachers Have Healthy Self-Esteems by Glenn Dietzel
    Distance Learning and Disabled Students by Jeff Redding
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    Gazette Home Delivery:

    About David J. Schonfeld...

    David J. Schonfeld, MD, is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Child Study, Yale University School of Medicine. He coordinates the School Crisis Response Initiative of the National Center for Children Exposed to Violence at the Yale Child Study Center.

    The School Crisis Response Initiative, which Dr. Schonfeld began in 1991, is a collaboration of the Yale Child Study Center and community mental health professionals, law enforcement representatives, and local and state educational agencies. The program empowers school staff through planning and training in school crisis response, provides consultation to schools in developing their capacities to meet students' and staff's emotional and mental health needs at times of crisis, and provides technical assistance in resolving problems arising in specific crisis situations.

    Over the past ten years, the Program has provided training in over half of the school districts in Connecticut and throughout the country, involving tens of thousands of school-related professionals. Dr. Schonfeld has also provided presentations on pediatric bereavement and school crisis response in England, Israel, Japan and Sweden, and has provided technical assistance during hundreds of school crisis events. After the events of September 11th, Dr. Schonfeld and his colleagues began consulting to New York City Public Schools on coordinating school crisis response training for a system of 1200 schools serving over 1.1 million students.

    David Schonfeld has presented the work of the program at multiple professional meetings within the past year, including at the 2001 National Conference and Exhibition of the American Academy of Pediatrics in San Francisco, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine annual meeting in Boston.

    He has also written commentaries and articles on children and terrorism which appeared within the past year in several professional publications, including Pediatrics, Journal of Adolescent Health, and Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics and has provided numerous workshops to school personnel, lay audiences and professional groups and been interviewed by regional and national print, radio, and television media.

    Dr. David Schonfeld is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Terrorism and recent recipient of the CT Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Martha F. Leonard Child Advocate Award for his work in school crisis response.

    Teacher Feature...

    Preparing for the One Year Anniversary

    by David J. Schonfeld, MD

    The following Powerpoint presentation was delivered by Dr. David Schonfeld of Yale University Medical School to Connecticut School Superintendents during Education Commissioner Theodore S. Sergi's Back To School Address on August 15, 2002. It is based upon information available from
    The National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

    You can download this article in its original PowerPoint format here - Preparing for the One Year Anniversary

    If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can download a free copy of PowerPoint Viewer here - downloads/2000/Ppview97.aspx

    The following is a preview of the actual presentation.

    Here is a link to commentary written by Dr. David Schonfeld for the Journal of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. Though written for developmental-behavioral pediatricians, it provides advice for parents on preparation for the one year anniversary.