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Volume 3 Number 10

"Everybody loves hummingbirds, and they are wonderful tools to excite students about learning."

That quote from a classroom teacher is the basic premise of Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project...

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Letters to the Editor...
Beware STRS "disability protection"

I am a former educator who can no
longer teach due to a brain injury,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia
and a severe sleep disorder. I applied
for disability benefits after realizing that I
was having trouble even working 8 hours
per week and finally admitting that I was

Several months after applying to STRS
OH for disability and supplying them with
objective evidence of my brain injury and
a supporting report stating my inability to
work, I was dismayed to find that they
were considering denying me. To make
a long story short, I got an attorney
specializing in this part of the law and
appealed, using more objective
evidence and several excellent medical
reports. After a total of 2 1/2 years of
fighting with STRS, they denied me with
no reason given.

I learned some shocking lessons
throughout this nightmare:
1. STRS is not required to listen to
anything your doctor says or take into
account any medical evidence you
2. STRS need not give any reason for
their denial of benefits;
3. OH law gives no protection to
4. STRS cannot be sued as can an
insurance company. They are not
accountable to anyone for their actions.
Rarely does anyone win when they take
their case before an OH court against
STRS, as the courts strongly favor them
over the educator and the evidence is not
examined on both sides in this type of

I am left working 16 - 20 hrs. per week in
the most sedentary job I could find.
STRS has screwed me and others, and I
cannot support myself. They couldn't
care less that I may one day end up
homeless. OH law needs to be
changed. If you, or someone you know,
has experienced this terrible nightmare
of being unfairly denied disability, please
contact me. We must get this message
out to the media and GET THE LAW

Educators: Please, please get private
disability insurance. STRS cannot be
relied upon to do the right thing, should
you become too ill to work. All they care
about is their image and saving
themselves $$$.

Thanks for reading.


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