March 2009
Vol 6 No 3

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.6 No.3 March 2009

Cover Story by Graysen Walles
Teachers are Brave
Somewhere in this country a drive-by was avoided, a robbery was reconsidered, or a suicide attempt was abandoned because a teacher was willing to show up and make a difference in the classroom, administrative office, after school activity, or at the home of a child.

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Assessing for Student Learning

»The 21st Century Teaching-Learning Environment - (Think Outside the Classroom Box)Hal Portner
»Why Do You Teach?Sue Gruber
»Educating Homeless ChildrenLeah Davies
»Old School Progress ReportsTodd R. Nelson
»Habit vs. Awareness for the 3 Practices and for the Hierarchy of Social DevelopmentMarvin Marshall
»The Busy Educator's Monthly FiveMarjan Glavac
»Dear Barbara - Advice for SubsBarbara Pressman
»Global Travel GuruJosette Bonafino
»Tool & ToysRick Morris

»Economic Relief for TeachersTeachers.Net
»Fifty Years of TeachingBill Page
»Strange SignsTim Newlin
»A Dozen Surefire Tips To Maximize Flexible Grouping and Small Group LearningSusan Fitzell
»Time to Reward YourselfAlan Haskvitz
»March 2009 Writing PromptsJames Wayne
»Using Photographs To Inspire Writing VHank Kellner
»What’s Wrong With Teacher Education In This Country?Howard Seeman
»“Slumdog Millionaire” Teaches About Education, TooDorothy Rich
»Teachers’ Role in Improving Students’ Thinking Skills: Moving beyond the ‘sage on the stage’Ambreen Ahmed

»Apple Seeds: Inspiring QuotesBarb Stutesman
»Today Is... Daily CommemorationRon Victoria
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Teacher Blogs Showcase
»Liz Phillips' Printable Discipline Rubric
»Photo tour: 4th Grade Classroom
»Lessons, Resources and Theme Activities: March 2009
»Featured Lesson: Recognizing Bullying
»Modeling Guided Reading FAQ, Periodic Table of Videos – Fascinating Chemistry!, Carl Sagan - 4th Dimension Explanation, Parabolas in the Real World, Al Jolson sings - Brother Can You Spare a Dime?, Lovers’ Waltz - Casey Willis on violin, Meet Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
»Live on Teachers.Net: March 2009
»T-Netters Share Favorite Recipes
»Managing Hyperactive Students
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers
»This Board’s For Me!


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Cover Story by Graysen Walles

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Graysen Walles, Hal Portner, Sue Gruber, Leah Davies, Todd R. Nelson, Marvin Marshall, Marjan Glavac, Barbara Pressman, Josette Bonafino, Rick Morris, Bill Page, Tim Newlin, Susan Fitzell, Alan Haskvitz, James Wayne, Hank Kellner, Howard Seeman, Dorothy Rich, Ambreen Ahmed, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, Liz Phillips, and YENDOR.

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Teachers.Net Asks...

Chatboard Poll

T-Netters Say: This Board’s For Me!

“This board has been my best friend since I got my first computer.”
Regular Feature in the Gazette
March 1, 2009

Teachers.Net asked posters on the main chatboard:

Has something you've read here had a specific impact upon your life - personal or professional?

Posted by Dakin
I don't even know where to begin.

While I don't have as many personal connections as many of you, as a daily visitor, I learn little things here every single day. Technology tips, recipes, how to handle professional situations, jokes, funny stories, family shares.... the list goes on and on. I plan to be here for the rest of my career, and probably beyond. I love this board!

Posted by judy3ca
Thanks to this board I no longer swear while vacuuming! I bought a Dyson many here recommended and, golly gee, it works!

I learn little things here every single day.

Posted by teacher
Thanks to this board I:

  • bought my first pair of Crocs a couple of years ago and no longer have horrible foot pain.
  • got my vitamin D levels checked, found out I had a deficiency, and got treatment.
  • bought a Ped Egg and I love it.
I love this board because it helps keep me connected with real teachers.

Posted by Saracassandra
There are many things I have read here, which have given me "Food for thought" and I have often wished that I had access to such a resource as this before I retired. However, to be brief, a few years ago, Chloe posted a wonderful soup recipe, which I printed up, and copied, and have since used, in many variations, numerous times, for family, church, and other social gatherings. I just wanted to take this opportunity to give "a tip of the hat" to Chloe, and a little thank you. A good day to all...G-d Bless!!!!

Posted by AM
I've tried some great new recipes including chocolate dump cake. I've read a lot of good books I might not have picked up otherwise.

I have often wished that I had access to such a resource as this before I retired.

Posted by A.P.
Thanks to this board, I have been able to vent my feelings about my husband's cancer battle. Hearing from others who have survived major crises or from people who are just plain caring, has helped to preserve my sanity.

Post by anon
I found magic eraser, ped egg, oxyclean for grout Posted by and now considering the pet nail grinder

Posted by unsigned
Thanks to this board I no longer freak out about school because I can vent online!

Posted by Pogo
I have learned so much here. I've never taught in public schools so I have definitely learned quite a bit here. I also love the diversity of everyone here. Sometimes it makes me see something from a differently. I have met some great friends on here that have opened their homes to me as well as I've done.

Posted by molly4th
Thanks to this board, I am no longer naïve about the internet and the people I "meet." I found this board about seven or eight years ago and approached it far differently than I do today. I thought it would be a place to meet people and share war stories and help each other out. Exchange addresses. Meet in person. Naive stuff, huh? Today I see it as a fun distraction and most of it should not be taken seriously.

Because of this board I’ve changed the way I speak to students.

Posted by j.e.
Where do I start?

  • I've met some terrific people who have challenged my thinking and become good friends.
  • I've found out about books like The Kite Runner, The Ladies #1 Detective Agency, Reading Lolita in Tehran, Stephanie Plum detective stories, and many more.
  • I've tried some delicious recipes.
  • I've learned about the Patriot Guards.
  • I've watched little children grow, enjoyed wedding pictures, and been awed by the photography of several posters.
  • I've taken days out of my life playing Zuma, Stack'em, Poppit, Cold Tomatoes, Bubble Shooter...
  • I've learned more about many countries, and even some new things about various US states.
  • I've learned about many wonderful websites, both education and non-education related.
I have become aware that there are a lot of people out there who think differently from the way I do.

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