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Volume 4 Number 3

Happy 7th Anniversary Teachers.Net...
A First Day of School Script Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Using A Discipline Approach to Promote Learning Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
My Poor Teacher Can't Spell! 4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
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March ~ The Perfect Time for a Fresh Start! Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Need Something? Ask! Teachers As Learners by Hal Portner
There's a Book Inside of You Waiting To Come Out! eBook Authoring by Glenn F. Dietzel
Stop Underage Drinking Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
Debates in the Classroom---A List of Ten! The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
Saving Drowning Babies is Not Always the Best Policy! Ed-Tech Talk by Dr. Rob Reilly
Art Sites The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
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Glenn founded Teacher eBooks ( in October, 2001. Teacher eBooks believes that there is a book inside every teacher and student. Becoming a published author is easy, affordable, and profitable. Teacher eBooks provides the necessary motivation, tools, and resources to assist educators-and students-in their dream to publish their passion, skills, knowledge and expertise in eBook format.

Glenn and partner Paul Jackson foster an enthusiastic interest in eBooking as the communication method of the future - "Awaken The Author Within YOU!" both by means of the World's First Educational eBook eCourse, their soon-to-be-released eBook Authoring Guide in pBook (traditional print) and eBook formats in early 2003, and their workshops. In each case they promote literacy and technology by providing the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge to assist educators and students in becoming eBook authors.

eBook Authoring
by Glenn Dietzel
Teacher eBooks (
There's a Book Inside of You Waiting To Come Out!

(continued from page 1)

In the nature/nurture debate the 18th Century Scottish philosopher John Locke stated that humans are totally shaped by their environment. He coined the term, tabula rasa or blank slate.

According to Locke, people are born with nothing written on their brains and as a person develops through life, the mind slowly developments in response to the person's interaction with one's environment. Anyone who has done any writing, whether professionally or recreationally, is well aware of the blank slate phenomenon. It is infamously referred to as, "Writers' Block."

Beginning the writing process can be a daunting task and a blank sheet staring starkly in the face of the writer/author can sometimes pose a threatening aura. What do you do about these moments of "tabula rasa" As educators we teach our students to create a plan and have an overview of the subject about which one is going to write.

As a would-be or accomplished author of eBooks and/or pBooks (traditional print), the tabula rasa mystique can be halted by accomplishing a few short activities or RaWTM Stems before one actually begins the authoring process.

RaWTM Stems are an instructional design aimed at helping people record their thoughts. Stems are used throughout the "10 Steps to eBook Authoring." For each of the 10 steps there are several Raw StemsTM provided to stimulate the thinking process.

The term "Stems" refers to statements requiring a completion of the thought in an open-ended statement. The "R" stands for Reflection where you can relax and play around with ideas. The "a" stands for ‘and' (an original idea) and the "W" stands for Writing which is the recording of your ideas. In some respects it's like brainstorming with yourself. It's also about sharing ideas with others.

Proper reflection requires the correct paradigm. This includes reflection on the past; reflection in the present; and reflection for the future.

After completing a number of RaWTM Stems, one is now ready to write. Instead of a blank mind, one has sown a number of ideas, seeds of inspiration. These seeds are ready to be nurtured in the authorship of an eBook. With a few seeds nurtured using this process, writing with passion is greatly facilitated.

Here are a few reflective stems for your enjoyment from STEP 1---the IDEA Stage---of the '10 Steps to eBook Authoring':

1. I've always dreamed about writing a pBook/eBook about _____.

2. My experience says an eBook about _____ is needed.

3. If I wrote an eBook about _____, then _____ would be interested in it.

4. In the past I would have liked to have a good resource about _____.

In Next months' article, we will examine Step 1, "You Start With An Idea," of the eBook authoring journey.

For a printable version of this article click here.

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