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Volume 4 Number 6

Teachers.Net and I, by chance, became high-tech links in the chain of people and events that cracked the Chinese government's tight lid on its emerging SARS epidemic
Teachers.Net Chatroom Exchange Reveals SARS Outbreak...
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Letters to the Editor...
Violence and Terrorism

The war on terrorism is saving more blacks
lives than anyone can imagine. Or do you
feel that only that white men and women
were in the Trade center when both of them
collapsed. Do you think that it is
impossible for Africans to come under
terrorist attack? That is why we must
stand up and take charge, if we donít care
now when will be the time to care, when it
happends again. In several letters people
address gun violence. If guns were so
violent then put them in the ghetto with no
one there and see how many people it kills,
put them in an empty school and see how
many children are killed by guns alone.
But let black gangs get a hold of them and
soon you have gang/gun violence. Also if
you believe white people are the fall of
this country and that you and your race
could have done a better job than you
obviously havenít looked to
your "motherland" lately. Africa right now
is not exactly a model country considering
the epidemic of the AIDS virus, the
extremely poor economy/standard of living,
and the overall lack of technological
revolutions. But youíre right if the
tables would have been turned America
probably would be different. We would just
be in the same position in Africa now
because blacks would have still sold
themselves to us as slaves. Please donít
forget that America and England were not
the only parts of the Slave Triangle.
Also rap music also doesnít help the black
imagine, why are you people so hateful and
always wanting to start violence. Where do
children learn violence from Country Music
or Rap Music? Maybe you should be the one
to decide that. Instead you constantly
talk about harming others and promoting
violence. If you want to stop violence
maybe you should rethink where the violence
is really coming from.

Eric Schirhart,,

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