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Volume 4 Number 6

Teachers.Net and I, by chance, became high-tech links in the chain of people and events that cracked the Chinese government's tight lid on its emerging SARS epidemic
Teachers.Net Chatroom Exchange Reveals SARS Outbreak...
Applying for a Teaching Job in a Tight Market, Part 2 Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong
Metacognition -- Thinking about Thinking Is Essential for Learning Promoting Learning by Marv Marshall
Publishing Pressures 4 Blocks by Cheryl Sigmon
Even Punctuation Gets a Vacation! - Enjoy Your Summer with Children's Books Postcard from Planet Esme - News from the world of children's books by Esmé Codell
It's Summer! -- Rest your body, restore your soul & have some fun! Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber
Be Your Own Mentor: REFLECT Teachers As Learners by Hal Portner
There's A Book Inside of You! - You Make a Commitment eBook Authoring by Glenn F. Dietzel
Moving to a New Town and School Ask the School Psychologist by Beth Bruno
I Taught, But Did He Learn? The Eclectic Teacher by Ginny Hoover
Computer Donations To Schools: How To Make A Sound Choice Ed-Tech Talk by Dr. Rob Reilly
Language Arts Sites Part 2 The Busy Educator's Monthly Five (5 Sites for Busy Educators) by Marjan Glavac
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About Glenn Dietzel...
Glenn Dietzel is currently a Vice-Principal of an elementary school with the Lambton Kent District School Board. Glenn holds two post graduate degrees in Theology and Education. He lives with his lovely wife and two young sons in Sarnia, Ontario known as the Bluewater area, and home to beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, and no hills.

Glenn founded Teacher eBooks ( in October, 2001. Teacher eBooks believes that there is a book inside every teacher and student. Becoming a published author is easy, affordable, and profitable. Teacher eBooks provides the necessary motivation, tools, and resources to assist educators-and students-in their dream to publish their passion, skills, knowledge and expertise in eBook format.

Glenn and partner Paul Jackson foster an enthusiastic interest in eBooking as the communication method of the future - "Awaken The Author Within YOU!" both by means of the World's First Educational eBook eCourse, their soon-to-be-released eBook Authoring Guide in pBook (traditional print) and eBook formats in early 2003, and their workshops. In each case they promote literacy and technology by providing the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge to assist educators and students in becoming eBook authors.

eBook Authoring
by Glenn Dietzel
Teacher eBooks (
There's A Book Inside of You!

You Make a Commitment

Commitment is the third step of the 10 steps to eBook authoring. It is the juncture which connects Reflection (Step 2) and the Big Picture (Step 4). It is important to note that each of the 10 steps is not meant to be isolated events. Each step of the eBook authoring process is meant to blend into each other like the hues of a rainbow. There is overlap and this is certainly found with the commitment stage of the eBook authoring process.

What is the difference between involvement and commitment? It's like bacon and eggs---The hen is involved but the pig is committed! This article is about being a pig!

Commitment involves a two step process. The first phase of commitment ties itself into the reflection stage as stated above. This is the goal or dream of authoring an eBook for which you passionately want to see happen and have the faith to make this happen. Once you have made this decision, the second phase of commitment requires that you do something immediately. Take action. Strike while the commitment feeling is strong. Carpe Diem.

A good decision which creates strong positive emotions will help carry you along the road to success. Incorporating your mind and your heart is critical. Antoine De Saint-Exupery (from the Little Prince) has this to say about the necessity of using your heart, which is the seat of emotion:

"Now, here is my secret, a very simple secret.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Commitment involves having the faith to see yourself as a successful eBook author. Of course faith requires an object. Faith is not a nebulous term. Faith in yourself requires you to honestly evaluate your strengths, realizing that genius does exist in you. To deny this is to go against the groundbreaking research of Howard Gardiner. Dr. Gardiner demonstrates the existence of seven intelligences and states that each of us has natural inclinations or geniuses toward one or more of these intelligences.

Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen in their book, "The One Minute Millionaire," use a balance sheet analogy to convey the importance of positive character traits including commitment when taking on a project of immense importance. These authors state that whenever you begin a new project, taking stock of your physical resources is critical. In business, the establishment of a balance sheet involves taking note of one's physical assets and liabilities.

Traditional balance sheets list tangible, concrete items. However, what does not usually appear are the intangible items of persistence, determination, fortitude, creativity, boldness…all tremendous assets and character traits to bolster commitment. These authors argue that it is these intangible assets which are more important than the physical ones.

Hansen and Allen state that the truth is that you don't have wealth---You are your wealth. These authors go to say that literally any beginner---including eBook authors---requires only three resources: a good idea; the commitment to carry this out; and key contacts who possess all the other resources.

Robert Kiyosaki stresses in his Rich Dad/Poor Dad series the importance of having a team. Your team will help you with your writing, provide feedback, give you encouragement, edit, help you to see the Big Picture (Step 4)…and cheer you on toward the finish line as a successful eBook author.

Faith and action---the two fundamental attributes of the Commitment phase---in a sense operate paradoxically. The poet Apollinaire demonstrates this truth in one of his poems,

Come to the edge, he said.
They said, we are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came,
He pushed them
And they flew.

Here are a few RaW Stems™ for your reflective enjoyment:

  1. I will discuss my eBook authoring dream with _____.
  2. Taking an eBook authoring course would be beneficial because _____.
  3. Making a commitment to write an eBook will force me to _____.
  4. Too many of my good ideas I've let slip away undone but this time I will _____.
  5. Becoming a successful eBook author will allow me the following opportunities/benefits _____.

In next month's issue we present Step Four, "You Have to Visualize The Big Picture," of the eBook authoring journey.

For a printable version of this article click here.

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