July 2009
Vol 6 No 7

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.6 No.7 July 2009

Cover Story by Lawrence Meyers
Is There Such a Thing as "The Great Teacher"?
You can make up all the checklists you want. You can take advice from your mentors. At the end of the day, what lies behind one's teaching style is what matters. A "Great Teacher" is the right teacher at the right time, at the right place.

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Teachers Are the Difference
Now in her sixth year of teaching, Melissa Dunbar has helped her students achieve a pass rate of between 92% - 99% over the years, with her ESL and Economically Disadvantaged students achieving a 100% pass rate this past school year!

Writing for Educational Publishers – Inside Secrets Sue Gruber
Self-Injury In Children Leah Davies
The School of No Knocks? Todd R. Nelson
Using Imaging to Move or Change Behavior Marvin Marshall
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five Marjan Glavac
Substitute issues: What to Wear & Too Much Love Barbara Pressman
Student Travel Topics: “Staycations” Expose Students to Other Cultures & Packing for Safety Josette Bonafino
Making The Case to Parents for Broadening, Not Narrowing, The Curriculum Dorothy Rich
Red Basket & Problem Solving Forms Rick Morris

The No.1 Ladies Detective Series Writer - Interview with Alexander McCall Smith Tim Newlin
Teachers and Technology: A Field of Dreams? Matt Levinson
Resources for Teaching Students with Autism Alan Haskvitz
Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Questioning Techniques in the Classroom Panamalai R. Guruprasad
Tips on Maximizing High School Physics Teaching Stewart E Brekke
The Most Cost Effective Approach to Improve Teacher Education Edward Strauser
Merit Pay Problematic, Money Is Not the Ultimate Motivator for Teachers Marion Brady
Launches an Online Degree in Special Education Drexel University

Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes Barb Stutesman
Today Is... Daily Commemoration Ron Victoria
The Lighter Side of Teaching
Video Bytes; Assume The Position, Lost Generation, Bathtub IV, Walk On - ESPN Video, Funeral, Heal, and At Home with Mrs. Hen
Teacher Blogs Showcase
Printable - Sweet Rules for the Classroom
Featured Lessons, Wisdom from the Chat Achives, and Timely Printables Especially for July!
Getting and Keeping the Attention of 3 & 4 Year Olds
Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Lawrence Meyers

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Lawrence Meyers, Sue Gruber, Leah Davies, Todd R. Nelson, Marvin Marshall, Marjan Glavac, Barbara Pressman, Josette Bonafino, Dorothy Rich, Rick Morris, Matt Levinson, Alan Haskvitz, Tim Newlin, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, Panamalai R. Guruprasad, Stewart E Brekke, Edward Strauser, Marion Brady, and BattleShip Ron.

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Featured Lesson Plans, Resources and Theme Activities...

Teachers.Net Favorite
Resources | Discussion

One of the finest collections of teacher tested activities and theme resources you’ll find anywhere!
Regular Feature in the Gazette
July 1, 2009

Great Ideas from the Lesson Bank

Getting to Know Each Other

Climate Study

Camping Day in the Classroom

Classroom Decor Ideas (compilation)

Classrooms That Work Discussion

Behavior Management Ideas (compilation)

4th of July Craft

Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown!

The Famous Sweathog Discipline Post

Smart Starts for a New Year!
Prepare for the new school year with popular wisdom pulled from previous issues of Teachers.Net Gazette!

Word Wall Tips
from the 4 Blocks Mailring

All My Children
inspiration by Sandy Preston

Literacy Centers Organization
by Catherine Thornton

26 Teaching Tips for the Dog Days
by Debbie Wolf Page

Smart Starts for the Best School Year Ever
by Barbara Gruber and Sue Gruber

Learning Your Students' Names: Fun, Fast, Easy and Important
by Bill Page

Is Learning to Read Easier Than Learning to Play the Piano?
by Grace Vyduna-Haskins

Make Them More Productive!

by Hal Portner

The Responsive Classroom:
A Practical Approach for Teaching Children to Care

by Dr. Belinda Gimbert

Class Books Around the Year
Compiled by Terry
A plethora of class book ideas for the entire school year!

Simple Tips to Increase Student Achievement at the High School Level
by Geneva Glanzer

Classroom Management Tips You Wish You'd Known "Back Then"
Compiled from the Primary Elementary Chatboard

Using Breath Management for Better Listening And Voice Preservation
by Marv Marshall

Mr. Choose-A-Chart
A homework system created by Michael Moore

Creative Uses for Digital Cameras in the Classroom
Compiled from Teachers.Net Chatboards

It's Summer!
By Barbara Gruber & Sue Gruber
Ways to use your summer break to relax and recharge so you’ll return to school brimming with enthusiasm and energy.

Plato Lives...
by Susan Post
This article is neither about Plato nor his principles, but rather about the tremendous learning and social bonding possibilities that exist in the written world; possibilities that open doors not only for the mind but for the heart as well.

From Curiosity To Concept
P.R. Guruprasad
I have always carried the impression that high school physics textbooks don't go beyond a description of "latent heat of fusion." I think that the concept needs more: an explanation such that students understand the concept. This article outlines how I tried to build the concept by scaffolding students' line of thinking.

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Observed in the Classroom?
Chatboard poll
You won’t believe some of these accounts by classroom teachers!

More Help with Back to School

Welcome Back to School
by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Only One First Day of School
by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Smart Starts Tips (Gruber & Gruber)

The Best Year Ever (Bill Page)

The Maiden Week (P.R. Guruprasad)

Preparing for the First Day of School (Jan Zeiger)

Classroom Management Tips (compilation)

Classroom Management Tips #2

Classrooms As Discourse Communities (D. Chang)

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Kelly Bear Curriculum – Leah Davies

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Substitute Teaching A-Z – Barbara Pressman

New [Classroom] Management – Rick Morris

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