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Marjan Glavac

The Busy Educator

The Busy Educator's Monthly Five
by Marjan Glavac
Regular contributor to the Gazette
January 1, 2008
Each month Marjan Glavac, professional speaker, teacher and co-author of "How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom," presents The Busy Educator's Monthly Five - five websites for educators that are easy to read, simple to use and worthwhile to know.

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Squigly's Playhouse is a fun and safe place for kids to play on the internet. There are on-line games, pencil puzzles, arts & crafts, jokes and riddles and more. Activities may be copied for use in the classroom. Children's submissions are always welcome.


Columbus State University’s College of Education the home of the Problem of the Week math contest, which was started in 1996. The math educators also supply problems and answers that are part of the current White House Math Challenge, a presidential effort to boost interest in math and foster problem-solving skills. There are links here to these other problem-solving sites: Algebra in Action, Middle School Madness and Elementary Brain Teaser.

Visit the Science Fair Studio - the ultimate guide to science fair preparation for students, parents and teachers. The Studio contains a comprehensive, step-by-step handbook for students, websites for research, tip sheets, questions and answers, a database of over 300 science fair questions and much more.


This weekly e-zine daily sevice not only features a quote but also offers powerful questions to reflect on. Powerquotes is delivered to your inbox once a week.


Dr. Roger Greenaway's practical online guide is dedicated to making learning more dynamic, fun and effective. Pages of tips, tools, articles, research and new ideas about learning by doing. Fresh and original writing is published every month - backed up by two free ezines, a discussion list and a moderated announcement list.

'Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.'

All the best,

Marjan Glavac

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About Marjan Glavac...

Marjan Glavac (BA, BEd, MA) is a professional speaker, teacher and author. He has used computers in education on the very first day he began teaching in 1982. Since that time, he has introduced thousands of students K-University, parents and teachers to computer technology and to the Internet through online courses, websites, classroom lessons, workshops, speeches, articles, computer columns, newsletters and his latest best selling book, The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web 2ND EDITION (Foreword by Dr. Harry Wong author of The First Days Of School).

Marjan is currently a gr.5 home room teacher at Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario, Canada where he resides with his wife Maria and their two children, Vanessa and Collin. He can be contacted by e-mail at or through his website at:

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