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Volume 3 Number 12

Eric Carle said, "I long dreamt of a museum for children and families," and now his dream has come true...
The Very Busy Museum - A conversation with Eric Carle by Kathleen Alape Carpenter, Editor in Chief
Kindergartners Share Thanksgiving Recipes Posted by their teacher on the Teachers.Net chatboard
Greetings from the Coast Guard Cutter POLAR SEA! by LT. Marshall Branch
Editor's e-Picks for Education News by Kathleen Carpenter - Editor, Teachers.Net Gazette
We Get What We Get - The Bottom Line On Parent Accountability by Bill Page
Don't Forget the Little People: A Vision for an Online Learning Community for Kindergarten by Jaclyn Scott
Learning the Continents Through Songs & Poems by Karen/PA/Rdg
A View on Holiday Art by Kathy Roberson
How to Deal With Bullying in Your Classroom by William Voors
  • More Than Just "Reading Buddies" - An Overview of School-based Mentor Programming by Peggy Cramer
  • A Remarkable Program For At-Risk, Middle Level Students by Bill Page
  • Child Safety Tips and Free CD by Greg Pospiel
    60 Ways to Practice Spelling by Michele McCoy
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    Editor's e-Picks for Education News

    by Kathleen Carpenter - Editor, Teachers.Net Gazette

    You want to be well-informed, and the Internet provides access to a wealth of information, but what busy educator has time to surf the sites of all major publications for articles related to the field of education?

    Do as I do...let someone else do the surfing for you! There are a number of reliable e-newsletter services available FREE to educators.

    Following is a list of my favorite sources for news and commentary related to education. The host organizations gather links to articles from English language newspapers online and deliver them directly to my e-mail box daily or weekly. They're all reliable, all are free!

    The following e-newsletters post titles and links to several articles in each issue, along with brief summaries. With all, the subscription and unsubscribe processes are simple, a welcome feature for those who wish to eliminate a pile-up of mail when on vacation. (Daily-including weekends!)

    Host: Jimmy Kilpatrick, Education News.Org

    PEN Weekly NewsBlast (Weekly-on Fridays)
    Host: Public Education Network

    District Daily e-Newsletter (Daily, Monday-Friday)

    Host: District Administration Magazine

    ASCD SmartBrief (Daily, Monday-Friday)
    Host: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

    And of course, The Teachers.Net Gazette by e-mail.
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    Kathleen Carpenter - Editor

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