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Volume 4 Number 8
New teacher induction . . . what does that have to do with me, a veteran educator?
It Takes a Community
to Induct a Teacher
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Gazette Home Delivery:

Letters to the Editor...
ATD American Co.

Hello. My name is Jerry Zaslow and I am
positioned as the CEO and President of ATD
American Company. I have a proposition that
can be beneficial to the members of this
website as well as to my company. I am
creating a new sector in my company and I
think teachers are the ideal people for
this opportunity. I am offering them a no
risk and no money investment opportunity to
make income in a flexible schedule manner.
I am requesting if I can post this
opportunity on your job posting fragment of
your website or anywhere else that teachers
can view. If you have other options, I open
to anything.

I am pasting the message I want to post
under this line:


ATD-AMERICAN CO. has been serving
institutions, government and business
worldwide since 1931. We are a family
business dedicated to delivering high
quality products, outstanding service and
low competitive prices. I am the President
and CEO...I never had a real job.

We are manufacturers and distributors of
Textiles, Furniture, Law Enforcement,
Medical Surgical Disposables, Healthcare,
Hospitality, Blind & Visually Handicapped,
Business and Industry, Education (schools,
colleges etc), Religious, Food Service
Equipment, and Clubs and Organizations. Our
primary goal is to sell everything
wholesale to everybody in the institutional
market. We do not sell to retailers (over
the counter).

At the moment, our objective is to expand
our national sales force of productive
Independent Sales Contractors. An
entrepreneurial person who requires a full
or part time flexible schedule is a perfect
fit. Compensation for the Independent Sales
Contractor is 25% of our margin of profit
on each sale consummated by the Independent
Sales Contractor.

Becoming affiliated with ATD costs you
nothing. We will provide all the materials
to get started (forms, catalogs, business
cards, prospects/customers etc.). All you
have to do is promote our company and
products by being a good salesman.

If you are interested in pursuing a
relationship, please outline a business
plan, in 1 or 2 paragraphs, for the
territory that you prefer within your state
and/or any contiguous area.

Want to learn more? Please feel free to
contact me at 1-800-523-2300 x2232 or you
may email your response to
Before we finalize any relationship, we
want to speak with you and send to you a
small packet of information telling you
more about this opportunity.

Jerry Zaslow
CEO & President
(incidentally, I am 10 years past
retirement age)

Jerry Zaslow,,

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