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High Quality Teaching:
The Intangible Element

The cornerstone of quality education in our schools is what happens between teacher and student - high quality teaching leads to high student achievement.


The Music, Movement, and Learning Connection

Children love music and movement for its own sake, and activities need not be centered around a specific concept or skill. While the children are having fun, important learning is taking place.

By Hap Palmer

Notes And Quotes From My Summer Reading

Each year 160,000 new books are published. It is a shame teachers aren’t allocated official time to enjoy and profit from more reading.

By Bill Page

New Writing Prompts

What do Mother Teresa, Raquel Welch and the Pledge of Allegiance have in common? Read September's writing prompts to find out.

By J. Wayne

The Royal History
of the Pencil

You won't look at the standard #2 pencil the same way after reading about its history!

By Tim Newlin

Teaching and Stress:
Symptoms and Cures

What makes teaching one of the most stressful occupations, and what teachers can do to avoid the detrimental effects of stress.

James Burns

Educators Speaking Up

Ineffective teachers? and Laura Bush's speech on July 28.

Teachers.Net Community

Learning About ADHD

Information on ADHD in a Q&A format for parents. Details the causes and symptoms of ADHD, and tips for helping a child diagnosed with ADHD.

Donna’s Lesson Plan
Files For Music Teachers

A teacher of music in grades K-6 shares her collection of plans and resources.

Donna Ransdell

Collective Wisdom 1
Peanut-Free School?

Because of a student's life threatening allergy, your school must now be peanut-free. How do you accommodate the student's needs?

Teachers.Net Community

Collective Wisdom 2
HELP! First Time Teaching Kindergarten!

Newly assigned to a kindergarten teaching position, a teacher turns to the Kindergarten Mailring for advice.

Teachers.Net Community

Collective Wisdom 3
No pencil - again!
Does anything work?

Pupils perennially without a pencil! Is this is a power struggle between teacher and student? Our teachers offered solutions...

Teachers.Net Community

Free Downloads
Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids

Free printable worksheets and teaching aids from your colleagues on Teachers.Net.

Streaming Video
Teachers.Net Video Bytes

Brainiac science; Puppies lulled to sleep; Pilobilus dance; Power teaching demo; Kids talk about their food allergies; Music classroom tour.

Harry & Rosemary Wong

It Was Something
Close to a Miracle

“I had been a teacher for exactly three weeks and never felt so ineffective and totally out of control in my life." It was only September and already Stacy’s dream was being crushed.

NEW: Advice Column for Urban Teachers!

The First Day of Hell? and Still No Job! How Do I Stay Positive?

Introducing our new advice column for those who teach in urban schools! In her premier column, Kioni offers advice on the first day of school with “known trouble makers,” and how to stay positive when principals aren’t knocking down your door with job offers.

By Kioni Carter

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Time Flies!

Avoid Stress! Tips to Help You Get Organized. Let's focus on time saving tips to try outside of school to make the most of the time we have each day!

By Sue Gruber

Teaching Literacy

More Tools for Classroom Fun and Success

Fly swatters for math and vocabulary work? Paper clips to motivate? Yes! And more!

By Cheryl Sigmon

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Using a Butterfly Analogy to Explain the Hierarchy of Social Development

The life stages of the butterfly present parallels to the social development of humans.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

Our Back Pages

The influence of a good story, a heroic character, and the nuances of imaginative language all fly under the radar of standardized testing. Imagination and values are at the heart of what turns the page, at whatever pace.

By Todd Nelson

"Getting to Know Each Other"Activities, part 2

When children feel a sense of belonging, they are more ready to learn. Here's Part 2 of a list of noncompetitive, entertaining activities that foster children's friendships.

By Leah Davies

Advice for Substitute Teachers
How do I make a
good first impression?

"And How should I handle a classroom culture of no rewards, but plenty of consequences?"

By Barbara Pressman

The Busy Educator
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five

Addressing learning difficulties; Teacher resource; All things Science; Games and writing skills help; Secondary level English lesson plans!

By Marjan Glavac


Featured Lessons
Computer Classroom
Presentation Systems

Focus Upon Interactive Whiteboards & Computer Tech Resources

Virtual Lab

Where a lack of resources rules out well-equipped laboratories, virtual labs can fill the void, providing opportunities for student experimentation that otherwise would not exist.

Featured Book: A Teaching Guide for The Secret Life of Hubie Hartzel

This printable teaching guide for The Secret Life of Hubie Hartzel brings out the book's themes through interdisciplinary activities.

By Susan Rowan Masters

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