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eBook Authoring...

by Glenn Dietzel

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There's A Book Inside of You!

You Reflect On Your Idea

The Second Step of the eBook authoring process---Reflection---is perhaps the most enjoyable. It is the bridge between thinking on your idea of a topic about which you would like to write (Step 1) and the commitment to carry forth your dream of becoming a published author (Step 3). This is the stage where you begin to communicate your desire to author and publish your eBook on the Internet for a global community.

Reflection is a three part process. It involves reflecting "on the past," "in the present," and "for the future."

Reflection on the past involves seeing your knowledge and experience as expertise from which other educators, parents, and students would benefit. Don't sell yourself short. Your experiences---both successful and unsuccessful---make you a real person and a potentially very successful eBook author. You have the esprit de corps to do it!

Reflection in the present involves a number of activities, some of which are action-oriented. At this stage of the process, it is important for you to take a risk. The more successful you wish to become, the more risks you must take. And of course these risks are calculated ones, involving you weighing the pros and cons of a potentially very successful eBook authoring career.

Consider the fact that your ideas really mean nothing unless you take action on them. Cogitate on the fact that it takes work and more importantly, a sense of urgency to put your idea to work on the Internet.

As you think about your idea in the present, there needs to be a sense of urgency generated. According to Al and Laura Ries in their book, Branding: The 22 Immutable Laws, when you know you have a good idea, "Just do it! You have to be first…You have to be focused." If you throw away the opportunity by being too concerned with getting all the details right, you'll never get it back. These authors assert, "Perfection in infinite time is worth nothing."

Study, research, and search the Internet to see what is available with respect to eBooks. Gain the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to help you make an intelligent decision to make the commitment to become an eBook author, which is the next step of the eBook authoring process. Read, talk, watch, listen, smell… and reflect.

Reflection for the future is the final step of this three-part process. This final stage should generate the most excitement as you consider the possibilities for you. As a successful eBook author, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Dream. Dream big. Take the time you require. And as you dream, "reflect on the past, in the present and for the future."

As you can see, eBook authoring is a very personal experience/endeavor. Be aware of what motivates you and ensure you have the appropriate desire. Be ready to communicate your reasons to others for wanting to become a published author. Divulge this information only to trusted friends and family members. Be careful with whom you share your passion: negative people are dream stealers.

According to Denis Waitley, one of the world's foremost professional and personal development speakers, most successful companies treat the world as their oyster. Dr. Waitley speaks on the necessity of every individual developing oneself in a similar manner as a business. He states that we should look at ourselves as being the CEO of our own business which he names "You Inc."

Dr. Waitley goes on to say, "In the Innovation Age---the Age of the 21st Century---it's not enough to think of yourself as just an employee. If you want to take charge of your life, you must be working on a Breakthrough Idea." This idea must create a burning desire within you to help you through to the end. Great ideas appear after much thought and they will create the commitment needed to see yourself through to the end of the eBook authoring process.

Here are some RaWTM Stems for your reflective enjoyment:

  1. My primary motivation for authoring an eBook is __________.
  2. Additional benefits to writing an eBook to me personally are __________.
  3. I have a head start on the process because __________.
  4. My support system of __________ will help me be successful.
  5. My past excuses for not writing a book have been that __________ but these challenges can be met by __________.

In next month's article we present Step 3 of the eBook authoring journey, "You Must Make A Commitment."

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