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Vol 6 No 6

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.6 No.6 June 2009

Cover Story by Graysen Walles
Teaching – The Power of Influence
The impact of teaching is clear, and the influence of the profession is immeasurable. All it takes is one moment, one situation, one discussion to turn the life of a young learner.

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Nine Year Summary of Articles, 2000 to 2009
On April 26, 2009, President Obama hosted the four 2009 finalists for America’s top national teaching honor, the National Teacher of the Year award. Alex Kajitani, who teaches mathematics at Mission Middle School in the Escondido Union (Elementary) School District in San Diego County was one of the four finalists.

»The Three R’s for Summer— Rest, Relax and Recharge! Sue Gruber
»Buddy Programs for Elementary Schools Leah Davies
»Moving to September Todd R. Nelson
»Ronald Reagan and the Art of Influence Marvin Marshall
»The Busy Educator's Monthly Five Marjan Glavac
»Substitute issues: Bathroom Passes & Anger Management Barbara Pressman
»Preparing Students for Travel: Films and Immunizations Josette Bonafino
»A Message to Share with Parents about Summer Learning Dorothy Rich
»Classroom Clean-Up and Clay in a Can Rick Morris

»Schools and Filters: Ice Age, the Meltdown Matt Levinson
»Effort: It Can be Taught! Deborah Granger
»Homework: Damned if you do, and if you don’t Alan Haskvitz
»Parents Are Recruits, Teachers Are Responsible, Kids Are Victims, and Schools Are Culpable For At-Risk Problems Bill Page
»12 Ways to Stop Conflict in its Tracks! Susan Fitzell
»Using Photographs To Inspire Writing VIII Hank Kellner
»The Writing on the Wall Tim Newlin
»More Brain Teasers Steve Sherman
»Teacher of Facts - and of Life Rachelle Ann A. Abad
»Grant Writing Tips Kimberly McCloud
»Bald is Beautiful! Teachers, Students Lose Locks to Fight Childhood Cancer David Peter Marchesseault

»Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes Barb Stutesman
»Today Is... Daily Commemoration Ron Victoria
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Video Bytes; Literacy Empowers (Illiteracy Awareness), The Underground Railroad, Wikis in Plain English - CommonCraft tutorial, Twitter in Plain English – a CommonCraft tutorial, Naturally 7 music group on Tavis Smiley Show, Tour the International Space Station!
»Teacher Blogs Showcase
»Printable - Ice Cream in a Baggie Recipe
»Featured Lessons, Wisdom from the Chat Achives, and Timely Printables Especially for June!
»What Is A Document Camera? What Does It Do?
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Graysen Walles

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Graysen Walles, Sue Gruber, Leah Davies, Todd R. Nelson, Marvin Marshall, Marjan Glavac, Barbara Pressman, Josette Bonafino, Dorothy Rich, Rick Morris, Matt Levinson, Deborah Granger, Alan Haskvitz, Bill Page, Susan Fitzell, Hank Kellner, Tim Newlin, Steve Sherman, Rachelle Ann A. Abad, Kimberly McCloud, David Peter Marchesseault, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, and BattleShip Ron.

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Teacher Blogs Showcase

Teachers.Net Community

Teacher Blogs Showcase

Teacher-bloggers share their interests and display their various skills and hobbies!
Teachers.Net Community
New Feature in the Gazette
June 1, 2008

The following is a cumulative list of blogs submitted by their teacher-creators, posted in order of receipt. The newest additions appear later in the list. Take a look!

Katney's Kaboodle
My interests, travels, and activities. One of my interests, since I retired from teaching, has been photography, so you will see a lot of images here, and good ones, if I do say so myself.

Yakima Valley Daily Photo One photo a day sharing my local area. Yakima Valley Daily Photo is a member blog of the City Daily Photo group.

Ruby Stamper
Mainly papercrafting and rubberstamping. I have been involved in this hobby for nearly 14 years and have had several of my creations published on art magazines. Sometimes I post ideas on my blog that teachers could use in their classrooms.

Searching for Intelligent Life
Searching for Intelligent Life often profiles persons and subjects that are of interest to me, and may well be interesting to a variety of other folks as well. Teachers, even those not in classrooms, just keep on teaching and learning.

Peaceful Living
My blog is about Peaceful living and creating a great life.

Freedom to Eat
My weight-loss blog

Post Cards from the Northwest
My blog is photos and comments about the photos I take, mostly nature and things like that -- like a postcard.

Helena Harper's Blog
About my two poetry collections, why I write, kindness, who is family, unsung heroes, desire for peace, what we can learn from problems and difficulties etc. A high school teacher for 20 years, I have also written two collections of poetry: "It's a Teacher's Life...!" and "Family and More - Enemies or Friends?"

A Better Idea: ABI Grading
Teaching using an ABI grading policy based upon Corbett, Wilson, and Williams’ book, Effort and Excellence in Urban Classrooms: Expecting – and Getting – Success with all Students (2002)

A group of children’s writers celebrate books for young people and enriching our world through the power of narrative, connecting with teachers and librarians who have similar interests.
Lynn L. Caruso, Mary Douthitt, Mary Cronk Farrell, Kelly Milner Halls, Clair Rudolf Murphy, Meghan Nuttall Sayres

Jim Wayne: ideas and reflections
Jim Wayne
I'm a teacher and veteran of the Iraq war. I've set up a blog to discuss what I think our schools can learn from the military.
Chris Watson

Teach with Picture Books
My frequently updated blog features picture book recommendations, summaries, and cross-curricular extensions. Sites focusing upon teaching with picture books are also reviewed.
Keith Schoch

Out of the Classroom & Into the Library
This is a brand new blog for librarians and teachers, encouraging dialog between teachers and librarians about how they can work together to ease their workloads and to benefit their students. Library Musings is my more informal blog where I muse about books I’m reading, technology issues I’m facing, etc. I welcome an audience of fellow librarians and avid readers.
Debra W. Waugh

TPS Retiree Group
The TPS Retiree Group are retired primary level school employees. The blog is our public journal for news, recipes, recommended books, links of interest, photos. We invite you to read our posts, make comments, and explore some of the links at the bottom of the blog.
Susan Downs

The Tellez Team Blog
I love teaching second grade!.
Karen Tellez, Grade 2
Smithfield Elementary, TX

Greetings from the Heart
I am a 2nd grade teacher by day and a card maker by night. My blog features a variety of papercraft projects. I love to use scrapbooking with my students when they are making their own projects. Best of all, the kids are excited too!
Alison Monk

Creating Art with Kids
Need ideas for art ideas for the elementary classroom? This blog is for you! Each post describes an art lesson, lists the materials needed, explains the procedure, and includes helpful comments and suggestions. Photographs of actual student work samples are also included with each post.
Renee G.

Newbie SPED Teacher
My blog is all about the exciting first year in a new teaching position of seventh grade special education.
Dana Zazinski

My blog focuses on life in the small city; it actually reruns the weekly column that I write for the local newspaper. Topics range from education to politics to history to daily life.
Peter Greene
Franklin, PA

Share your blog! Whether about teaching, your hobby, or another topic, if your blog is public, send the title, url, its topic or purpose, and your name and we’ll consider including your blog in the Teacher Blogs Showcase!

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