June 2008
Vol 5 No 6

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.5 No.6 June 2008

Cover Story by Alfie Kohn
Atrocious Advice from "Supernanny"
Behaviorism is as American as rewarding children with apple pie… but for how long does it work, and at what cost?

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Eight Year Summary of Articles, 2000 to 2008

»VisualizationMarvin Marshall
»Textmapping: Where Old Becomes NewCheryl Sigmon
»Administrative BroadwayTodd R. Nelson
»The Busy Educator's Monthly FiveMarjan Glavac
»Easy Ideas to Wrap up the YearSue Gruber
»Committees: Make Them More ProductiveHal Portner
»Helping Children Cope After DisasterLeah Davies

»The Dance of the Honeybee
»June 2008 Writing Prompts
»Your School's Mission in a Sound Bite
»The Medicalizing of Education
»I Used to Educate Students; Now I Prepare Them… for The Test
»A Great Model Of Differentiation
»Live Chat with Adora Svitak
»Making the Most of Summer To Prepare for the New School Year

»Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids
»Candles of Inspiration: June 2008
»Teachers.Net Craft Favorite: Father's Day Project
»Featured Lessons, Resources and Theme Activities: June 2008
»Video Bytes: The human cost of war, in song, Literacy centers and more...
»Today Is... Daily Commemoration for June 2008
»Live on Teachers.Net: June 2008
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes for Teachers
»What are some things you absolutely DO NOT miss about teaching?
»How Many Years Did It Take You to Get It Together?
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Alfie Kohn

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Marvin Marshall,Cheryl Sigmon, Marjan Glavac, Todd R. Nelson, Hal Portner, Leah Davies,Tim Newlin, James Wayne, James Burns, Alan Haskvitz, Bill Page, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, and YENDOR.

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Today Is...

Ron Victoria

Today Is... (June 2008)

Daily Commemorations
by Ron Victoria
Regular Feature
June 1, 2008
Every day for years, Ron Victoria (AKA Ron/NJ) reported on the commemorations of the day on the Teachers.Net Golden Apples Chatboard. Now his many fans will find his Today is... for each month right here in the Teachers.Net Gazette!


June is...

Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month,
American Rivers Month,
Cancer In The Sun Month,
Dairy Month,
Turkey Lover's Month,
National Accordion Awareness Month,
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month,
National Ice Tea Month,
National Papaya Month,
National Pest Control Month,
National Rose Month,
Fight The Filthy Fly Month,
and Zoo and Aquarium Month.

Today is...

June 1 is ... Dare Day
June 2 is ... National Rocky Road Day
June 3 is ... National Rocky Road Day and Repeat Day (Yes, I said "Repeat Day")
June 4 is ... Old Maid's Day
June 5 is ... Festival of Popular Delusions Day
June 6 is ... Teacher's Day and
  ... National Applesauce Cake Day
June 7 is ... National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
June 8 is ... Name Your Poison Day
June 9 is ... Donald Duck Day
June 10 is ... National Yo-Yo Day
June 11 is ... National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day
June 12 is ... Machine Day
June 13 is ... National Juggling Day and Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day
June 14 is ... Pop Goes the Weasel Day
June 15 is ... Smile Power Day
June 16 is ... National Hollerin' Contest Day
June 17 is ... Watergate Day and Eat Your Vegetables Day
June 18 is ... International Panic Day
June 19 is ... World Sauntering Day
June 20 is ... Ice Cream Soda Day
June 21 is ... Cuckoo Warning Day
June 22 is ... National Chocolate Éclair Day
June 23 is ... National Pink Day
June 24 is ... Museum Comes to Life Day
June 25 is ... Log Cabin Day
June 26 is ... National Chocolate Pudding Day
June 27 is ... National Columnists Day
June 28 is ... Paul Bunyan Day
June 29 is ... Camera Day
June 30 is ... Meteor Day

Printable "Today Is" Calendar in pdf format

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