June 2008
Vol 5 No 6

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.5 No.6 June 2008

Cover Story by Alfie Kohn
Atrocious Advice from "Supernanny"
Behaviorism is as American as rewarding children with apple pie… but for how long does it work, and at what cost?

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Eight Year Summary of Articles, 2000 to 2008

VisualizationMarvin Marshall
Textmapping: Where Old Becomes NewCheryl Sigmon
Administrative BroadwayTodd R. Nelson
The Busy Educator's Monthly FiveMarjan Glavac
Easy Ideas to Wrap up the YearSue Gruber
Committees: Make Them More ProductiveHal Portner
Helping Children Cope After DisasterLeah Davies

The Dance of the Honeybee
June 2008 Writing Prompts
Your School's Mission in a Sound Bite
The Medicalizing of Education
I Used to Educate Students; Now I Prepare Them… for The Test
A Great Model Of Differentiation
Live Chat with Adora Svitak
Making the Most of Summer To Prepare for the New School Year

Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids
Candles of Inspiration: June 2008
Teachers.Net Craft Favorite: Father's Day Project
Featured Lessons, Resources and Theme Activities: June 2008
Video Bytes: The human cost of war, in song, Literacy centers and more...
Today Is... Daily Commemoration for June 2008
Live on Teachers.Net: June 2008
The Lighter Side of Teaching
Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes for Teachers
What are some things you absolutely DO NOT miss about teaching?
How Many Years Did It Take You to Get It Together?
Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Alfie Kohn

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Marvin Marshall,Cheryl Sigmon, Marjan Glavac, Todd R. Nelson, Hal Portner, Leah Davies,Tim Newlin, James Wayne, James Burns, Alan Haskvitz, Bill Page, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, and YENDOR.

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

Humor from the Teachers.Net Community
Teachers.Net Community
Regular Feature in the Gazette
June 1, 2008


More Ways To Keep Principal Off Your Back

  1. Ask for time off to run and get your yearly rabies shot
  1. (If Male) Wear pantsuit with a tie.
  1. Show General Hospital everyday for health class.
  1. Stand at attention with hand over heart when principal speaks to you.
  1. Ask him if he would like to come over one night to listen to your New Kids On The Block record collection.
  1. Tell him his mom is a hottie.
  1. Next day tell him his dad is a hottie.
  1. Send letter to NEA Journal in his name asking if they would let him pose nude for the magazine. Be sure he gets a copy.
  1. Shave off one side of your mustache.
  1. Ride on the lawnmower with the janitor and be sure to pass his window several times. Wave with glee!

Humor from the Fine Arts/Art Education Chatboard

HILARIOUS Story-Van Gogh vs Chuck Norris
Posted by Christina

Today I was showing my second grade class pictures of famous portraits and I put one up of Vincent Van Gogh (1989 blue background, orange beard). I asked if anyone knew who the person in the portrait was and one little boy raised his hand and said so innocently..."Chuck Norris?"

LOL best moment of my art teaching career so far!!

HILARIOUS Story-Albrecht Durer
Posted by spluckygirl

I held up a self portrait that Albrecht Durer did when he was in his late twenties and probably 500 hundred years ago. He has long wavy hair, past his shoulders, in the portrait. For some reason the second and third graders just assumed it was my boyfriend???? I thought they were kidding so I burst out laughing but they were serious. Oh well. They are so cute.

Albrecht Durer & Jesus
Posted by CiciNParadise

I told my Art One kids about how adept Durer was at self-promotion and that as a result, most of the illiterate people in Europe at that time, thought only Jesus' picture would be so widely displayed. That's part of the reason many depictions of Him look quite a bit like Durer. They love that story. I got it from an Art History professor in college. Since Da Vinci Code, any little gossip or mystery I can find, I add to their lessons. At least they will always remember him.

Andy Warhol's Marilyn and Me!
Posted by Houston fine arts teacher on 5/03/08

Last year I taught at a school that was 99% Hispanic. When I showed them the Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe pictures they were convinced they were pictures of me! Now, I wish I looked like her, but other than being blonde we really have no resemblance (unfortunately), but they were seriously convinced they were pictures of me and even another teacher came in and explained who she was and they still didn't believe her. We also discussed the timeline of when Pop Art was relevant they still continued to think they were pictures of me despite the fact that I told them I wasn't born until the late 1970s!! It was a huge compliment, but they seriously thought all blondes looked alike!

Van Gogh in Cinderella's Carriage
Posted by mirtchr

I recently held up a small print of "Starry Night" as my first graders were learning about landforms and landscapes. Asked what things they saw in the sky--my most advanced academic thinker said, "A carriage!!" It really took me back--speechless for a few moments, until I focused my child eyes. There it was: the big round pumpkin coach with swirly, curvy wheels front and center in the sky!! Sure enough, the kids had been reading Cinderella, and watching a bit of Disney as well!

Never a dull moment in the Art Room!

Posted by wadel
Oh, my goodness - I see it too, now! Wow! It never ceases to amaze me what kids can come up with! If only we would take the time to see what they see...

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