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Ask the School Psychologist...

by Beth Bruno, Ed.M., M.A.

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Moving to a New Town and School

Summertime promises vacation and leisure time in most families, but is often a time of transition, too.

Q: We're moving to a new town this summer. Our son, who is entering the fifth grade, will be placed in a (5-8) middle school where students are placed in academic tracks. What are some of the steps we should take to insure appropriate placement and a good start in his new school?

A: Even under the best of circumstances, moving can be as traumatic as divorce, separation or a death in the family, because it disrupts everything: schooling, friendships, employment, medical care, community connections and familiar daily routines.

Our family moved several times while our children were in school, and each of us handled it differently. Unexpected adjustments are inevitably required, but there are many steps parents can take to smooth the transition.


Preparing children for moving to a new town and school:

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