July 2008
Vol 5 No 7

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.5 No.7 July 2008

Cover Story by Sue Gruber
It’s Summer…Time to Shift Gears and Re-energize!
A lighthearted perspective on what summer break can and should be.

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Eight Year Summary of Articles

»To Tell the TruthLeah Davies
»Discipline Without Stress, Inc.Marvin Marshall
»Teaching through Summer TV ViewingCheryl Sigmon
»A New Unified Field TheoryTodd R. Nelson
»The Busy Educator's Monthly FiveMarjan Glavac
»Get the Most Out of Being MentoredHal Portner
»Dear Barbara - Advice for SubsBarbara Pressman
»Keyboarding: Some Assembly RequiredRob Reilly

»Who’s Cheating Whom?
»Dealing with Dishonesty
»How To Prevent Cheating in Middle and High School
»When Is Student Failure The Teacher’s Fault
»Frogs Predict Massive Chinese Quake of 2008
»July 2008 Writing Prompts
»What Are We Doing? And Why Are We Doing It?
»"Boys Read" Effort Aims to Turn Boys Into Readers
»A Teaching Guide for Summer Song
»12 Test Taking Strategies that Boost Student Scores!
»Gardner-Style Lesson Plan: Molecular Basis of Heredity
»Federal Government Resources for Educators
»You Be the Chemist Activity Guides

»Cheaters! Teachers talk about their experiences
»Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids
»Candles of Inspiration: July 2008
»Lessons, Resources and Theme Activities: July 2008
»Video Bytes: The "Impotence" of Proofreading and More
»Today Is... Daily Commemoration for July 2008
»Live on Teachers.Net: July 2008
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes for Teachers
»Using Test "Cheat Sheets" To Enhance Student Learning
»"Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can't, Teach"
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Sue Gruber

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Alfie Kohn, Marvin Marshall, Cheryl Sigmon, Marjan Glavac, Todd R. Nelson, Hal Portner, Leah Davies, Barbara Pressman, Tim Newlin, James Wayne, Alan Haskvitz, Bill Page, Susan Fitzell, Meryl D. Joseph, John Martin, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, L. Swilley, and YENDOR.

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Today Is...

Ron Victoria

Today Is... (July 2008)

Daily Commemorations
by Ron Victoria
Regular Feature
July 1, 2008
Every day for years, Ron Victoria (AKA Ron/NJ) reported on the commemorations of the day on the Teachers.Net Golden Apples Chatboard. Now his many fans will find his Today is... for each month right here in the Teachers.Net Gazette!


July is...

National Baked Beans Month,
National Ice Cream Month,
National Tennis Month,
Read An Almanac Month,
Anti-Boredom Month, and
Hitchhiking Month.

July 1 is ... Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day and Build A Scarecrow Day
July 2 is ... Visitation of The Virgin Mary Day
July 3 is ... Stay out of the Sun Day and Compliment Your Mirror Day
July 4 is ... National Country Music Day and Tom Sawyer Fence-Painting Day
July 5 is ... Workaholics Day
July 6 is ... National Fried Chicken Day
July 7 is ... National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 8 is ... Video Games Day
July 9 is ... National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10 is ... Clerihew Day
July 11 is ... National Cheer up the Lonely Day
July 12 is ... National Pecan Pie Day
July 13 is ... Fool's Paradise Day
July 14 is ... National Nude Day
July 15 is ... National Tapioca Pudding Day and Respect Canada Day
July 16 is ... International Juggling Day
July 17 is ... National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 18 is ... National Ice Cream Day and National Caviar Day
July 19 is ... Flitch Day
July 20 is ... Ugly Truck Contest Day
July 21 is ... National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
July 22 is ... Ratcatcher's Day
July 23 is ... National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 24 is ... Amelia Earhart Day
July 25 is ... Threading the Needle Day
July 26 is ... All or Nothing Day
July 27 is ... Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
July 28 is ... National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29 is ... Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
July 30 is ... National Cheesecake Day
July 31 is ... Parent's Day

Printable "Today Is" Calendar in pdf format

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