July 2008
Vol 5 No 7

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.5 No.7 July 2008

Cover Story by Sue Gruber
It’s Summer…Time to Shift Gears and Re-energize!
A lighthearted perspective on what summer break can and should be.

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Eight Year Summary of Articles

»To Tell the TruthLeah Davies
»Discipline Without Stress, Inc.Marvin Marshall
»Teaching through Summer TV ViewingCheryl Sigmon
»A New Unified Field TheoryTodd R. Nelson
»The Busy Educator's Monthly FiveMarjan Glavac
»Get the Most Out of Being MentoredHal Portner
»Dear Barbara - Advice for SubsBarbara Pressman
»Keyboarding: Some Assembly RequiredRob Reilly

»Who’s Cheating Whom?
»Dealing with Dishonesty
»How To Prevent Cheating in Middle and High School
»When Is Student Failure The Teacher’s Fault
»Frogs Predict Massive Chinese Quake of 2008
»July 2008 Writing Prompts
»What Are We Doing? And Why Are We Doing It?
»"Boys Read" Effort Aims to Turn Boys Into Readers
»A Teaching Guide for Summer Song
»12 Test Taking Strategies that Boost Student Scores!
»Gardner-Style Lesson Plan: Molecular Basis of Heredity
»Federal Government Resources for Educators
»You Be the Chemist Activity Guides

»Cheaters! Teachers talk about their experiences
»Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids
»Candles of Inspiration: July 2008
»Lessons, Resources and Theme Activities: July 2008
»Video Bytes: The "Impotence" of Proofreading and More
»Today Is... Daily Commemoration for July 2008
»Live on Teachers.Net: July 2008
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes for Teachers
»Using Test "Cheat Sheets" To Enhance Student Learning
»"Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can't, Teach"
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Sue Gruber

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Alfie Kohn, Marvin Marshall, Cheryl Sigmon, Marjan Glavac, Todd R. Nelson, Hal Portner, Leah Davies, Barbara Pressman, Tim Newlin, James Wayne, Alan Haskvitz, Bill Page, Susan Fitzell, Meryl D. Joseph, John Martin, Barb Stutesman, Ron Victoria, L. Swilley, and YENDOR.

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

Humor from the Teachers.Net Community
Teachers.Net Community
Regular Feature in the Gazette
July 1, 2008


Top Ten Ways to Have Fun in Stores

  1. Put charcoal, lighter fluid and spam on checkout belt. Turn to wife and say, " Honey, you are in for a TREAT tonight!"
  1. Go to the deli department and ask where you could find the bald eagle luncheon meat. If they tell you they have none, ask for the spotted owl meat.
  1. Buy a massager and tell clerk it's for your neck. Then wink and giggle.
  1. Pull a banana off the bunch and pretend like you are talking on a cell phone.
  1. If you are tall, ask a short person to hand you something off the bottom shelf.
  1. Go to the computer section and ask them for a mousetrap.
  1. Slip a box of Magnums and a tattoo magazine in an elderly couple's cart.
  1. Slip into the back of the meat department and make loud mooing noises.
  1. Ask the service department if they would page you to the desk. When nobody shows up, start acting really worried.


  1. Wait for the greeter to get occupied, stand in his/her place and say to everyone coming in, "YOU BACK AGAIN??"

The Laugh Song

Collected from the Chatboards

But, Butt!

Posted by kdw

Today is the LAST day of school!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my students were working on a Journal called Camp Learned A Lot. On one of the pages they had to write the funniest thing that happened this year in 1st grade. Rewind to about three weeks ago. We were up to our necks in an art project. I, apparently, was at least up to my backside in an art project. I leaned against a table (or maybe I sat on it) and when I got up I had a glue stick stuck to my backside. A usually very loud little girl just walked up behind me, took it off my backside and said (all the while trying to hold back hysterical laughter), "Uh, Mrs. W, you had this stuck to your butt!"

Fast forward to yesterday while filling out the funniest thing that happened this year: Same little girl comes up and is laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes. She says, "Mrs. W, I just can't get over when you had that glue stick stuck to your butt!" This time she wasn't so quiet when she said it. :) Man, I'm gonna miss these kids!

They Never Lie

Posted by Joan

One of my 3rd grade boys looked up at me this morning and said "I bet you have wrinkles under your makeup"...

Gee wiz, I am not THAT old. LOL

Just for fun, how many of the following can you answer correctly? These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers

  1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends.
  2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?
  3. Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables?
  4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?
  5. In many liquor stores you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle?
  6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters 'dw' and they are all common words. Name two of them.
  7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name at least half of them?
  8. Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh.
  9. Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S.'

Get the answers here

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About YENDOR...

Hi there! My name is YENDOR and I live in Alabama, the land of good Looking women and high humidity.

I was a traveling piano picker for about 25 years, a radio jock and then backed into teaching. I taught sixth grade one year and then fifth gradefor twenty-seven years.

My hobbies are computer, collecting old radio shows from the 30's-50's, classic OLD TV shows, Asian horror movies, reading, collecting autographs, and music. My favorite singer/songwriter is Michelle Shocked. If you don't like her you don't like me. My favorite comedian is W.C. Fields. My favorite author is Mark Twain.

I play the piano, bass guitar and drums. I sometimes wish I had done that for a living.

I have a freakish sense of humor and rarely agree with anyone on anything. I love practical jokes and only play them on people I like... which is a short list.

I retired from teaching two years ago and don't miss it a bit. People come up to me all the time and say, "What do you DO all day?" I simply tell them that I retire.

If you are ever in northern Alabama, come by and see me. If you don't drink sweet tea you will be shot at the door. If you put a lemon in it you will be beaten but not shot... the first time.

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