April 2008
Vol 5 No 4

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.5 No.4 April 2008

Cover Story by Marvin Marshall
Immaculate Perception
There is no such thing as immaculate perception. What you see is what you thought before you looked.

Harry & Rosemary Wong
Effective Teaching
Schools That Beat the Academic Odds

»Are We Demanding Enough of Our Students?
»The Busy Educator's Monthly Five
»Podcasting 101
»Think Outside the Box
»Problem-Based Learning Part 2: Good problems
»Ten Ways to Foster Resiliency in Children

»Finger in the Dike Protects Half the Kingdom
»April 2008 Writing Prompts
»Amusing Abacus
»Making the Grade
»The Disrespecting of Social Studies
»Classroom Magazines: More Than Just Shared Reading
»The Silenced Majority
»I Won't Learn What You Teach!
»Dear Laura Bush
»Choice, Access, and Relevance: Reading Workshop in the High School Classroom
»Stay Inside the Lines
»Chat with Grant Writing Expert LaVerne Hamlin
»Proofreading and Learning Disability
»Drexel Online Education Program

»Featured Lessons: April 2008
»Video Bytes: Abbott and Costello, Earth Day rant and more
»Today Is... Daily Commemoration for April 2008
»Live on Teachers.Net: April 2008
»The Lighter Side of Teaching
»Apple Seeds: Inspiring Quotes for Teachers
»HELP! Grading: How Do You Do It?
»Newsdesk: Events & Opportunities for Teachers


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Cover Story by Marvin Marshall

Effective Teaching by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Contributors this month: Cheryl Sigmon, Marjan Glavac, Rob Reilly, Barbara & Sue Gruber, Hal Portner, Leah Davies, Tim Newlin, James Wayne, P.R. Guruprasad, Todd Nelson, Alan Haskvitz, Mandy Yates, Bill Page, Susan Rismiller, Bradley Cook, Kimberly Payne, Kevin Coffey, John Keegan, and YENDOR.

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Cover Story: Dr. Marvin Marshall

Immaculate Perception

There is no such thing as immaculate perception. What you see is what you thought before you looked.


Fostering Resiliency in Children

When children are influenced by caring adults with high expectations for their success, they are more likely to withstand negative pressures and become responsible adults.

By Leah Davies

Making the Grade

Are we using grades, or are grades using us? Do we get the biggest possible benefit from grading academic work?

By Todd Nelson

The Silenced Majority

Fifty million students are available on a daily basis with experience and ability to solve many school problems.

Bill Page

I Won't Learn What You Teach!
For many of our students, school becomes a succession of damaging power struggles, so it is up to us - their teachers - to boldly step out of that pattern.

By Susan Rismiller

April Writing Prompts

In 1828, Noah Webster published the first edition of his dictionary of the American language. What are some slang words or expressions you think might make it into the dictionary?

By Jim Wayne

The Disrespecting of Social Studies

The demise of the importance of Social Studies threatens the appreciation for how government works and the rights of the individual.

By Alan Haskvitz

Dear Laura Bush

Isn't it time someone pointed out that, after four decades and hundreds of thousands of education “reforms,” perhaps it is the politicians who are failing?

By Bradley Cook

Classroom Magazines: More Than Just Shared Reading

Classroom Magazines are often overlooked as a valuable resource in reading programs.

By Mandy Yates

Stay Inside the Lines

Color it whatever crazy, hopped up, non-realistic, spasmodic, operatic, rinky-dink color you want, but STAY INSIDE THE LINES!!!

By Kevin Coffey

Choice, Access, and Relevance: High School Reading Workshops

By allowing students choice, access, and relevance, we became a community of readers.

By Kimberly Payne

Problem-Based Learning pt 2: Good problems

Good problems challenge students to not only use, but go beyond factual information to a deeper understanding of the subject.

By Hal Portner

Amusing Abacus

Addition and subtraction of numbers can be taught using a resource that is inexpensive, colorful, amusing, absolutely child friendly and easy to make.

By P. R. Guruprasad

Teachers.Net Community

Barb S. HS/MI
Apple Seeds
Today Is...
March Events
Live Chats

The Teachers.Net Newsdesk

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

The Gazette is a collaborative project published by the Teachers.Net community. Submit your work to the Gazette.

Harry & Rosemary Wong

Schools That Beat the Academic Odds

Teachers are more effective and they find the work more satisfying in a team-oriented school environment.


Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Think Outside the Box…

Maybe it really is OK to put the pieces together my own way and come up with something different but terrific!

By Barbara & Sue Gruber

Ed-Tech Talk

Podcasting 101

The term podcasting consists of two words: iPod and broadcasting. Interestingly enough, you do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast.

By Dr. Rob Reilly

Teaching Literacy

Are We Demanding Enough of Our Students?

The 4 blocks Literacy framework encourages higher levels of reading achievement for today's students than the teaching methods we remember from the past

By Cheryl Sigmon

The Busy Educator
The Busy Educator's
April Five

The Dirt on Soil,,,, and more.

By Marjan Glavac


Clip Art Corner
Finger In The Dike Protects Half The Kingdom

Hans Brinker saved the city of Haarlem by holding his finger in the dike. Does global warming again threaten Brinker's homeland?

Teacher Tech
Microsoft Reader as a Proofreading Tool

John Keegan shares an innovative idea for using Microsoft's text-to-speech utility for proofreading.

By John Keegan

From the Archives

Choose-a-Chart is a fun way of doing homework that, once established, requires minimal preparation and tracking.

By Michael Moore

Featured Lessons
April Lesson Plans

April Theme Lesson Plans - an assortment of your lessons focusing on Earth Day and Ecology!

Collective Wisdom
HELP! Grading: How Do You Do It?

Martina taps the Teachers.Net community, and unearths many approaches to grading.

Teachers.Net Community

Ask the Expert
Chat with Grant Writing Expert LaVerne Hamlin

"Show Me the Money" author LaVerne Hamlin chatted with members of the Teachers.Net community, offering a multitude of tips for successful grant writing.

Partner Opportunities
Drexel Learning Online Degree

2.4 million teachers will be needed in the next 11 years due to growing enrollment and class size reduction - Drexel E-Learning helps keep you competitive in this new job market.

Streaming Video
Teachers.Net Video Bytes

Abbott and Costello Math; Education Today and Tomorrow; Pay Attention to Technology; Problem Based Learning; Lewis Black rants; Middle School Science Lesson.