Cover Story: Kioni Carter

A Reflection of Me: Why My Students Disrespected Me

Kioni Carter shares her experiences with the “bottom class" and reveals the trials and triumphs inspiring them to become the "top class"


$10 a Gallon Creates
Jobs in Denmark

Breaking our addiction to oil could solve money and weight problems.

By Tim Newlin

Teachers.Net Archive
Thoughts About Gratitude

No wonder people have confused the concepts of "need" and "want." Everything they want is something that they "need."

Jay Davidson

Labels Are For
the Jelly Jar

A simple, four-step diagnostic process that precludes the use of labels and leads to obvious, specific, built-in, remedial techniques.

By Bill Page

Cheating and
the 'Net Generation

As students become more tech-savvy, they become better equipped to implement more clever and difficult to detect methods of cheating. Ten methods teachers can use to level the playing field.

By Alan Haskvitz

A Month of Writing Prompts

This is the month of Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Blackbeard, Joe DiMaggio, Nellie Bly, football and many other hooks to get your students writing!

James Wayne

Teachers.Net: Economics
Economy Lessons Plans

During the current economic crisis, Teachers.Net suggests these lesson plans and resources to capitalize on the teachable moments.

Teachers.Net Community

Using Photography
To Inspire Writing

Photographs - and photography - can spur on students who are afraid to write, or are intimidated by the writing process.

Hank Kellner

Streaming Video
Teachers.Net Video Bytes

Guided Reading FAQ; Tour of Solar System; Wikis; How We Elect; Posters Using EXCEL; 5th Grader Addresses Teachers

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Barb S. HS/MI
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Today Is...
November Events
Live Chats

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

School Photos: November 2008

Harry & Rosemary Wong

A School That
Achieves Greatness

The leadership team collaborates. Subject teachers collaborate. There is collaboration among grade-level teachers and across grade levels. And there is cross-curricular collaboration....

Teaching Literacy

Words - Are We Teaching
the Right Ones?

Cheryl reveals how seemingly "simple" word wall activities can have many intricate purposes... and have a positive effect upon literacy development.

By Cheryl Sigmon

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

What, Me Worry?

It seems there's no end to the challenges and worries we face these days, so let's look at some of the things about teaching that belong in the "plus" column of life's ledger.

By Sue Gruber

20 Ideas for Teaching Citizenship to Children

For all grades and ages, activities that help students understand the concept of citizenship and the responsibilities that come with it.

By Leah Davies

On "The Coattails of Affinities"

Any school population is composed of many kinds of minds. Observing a child’s natural affinities is key to defining the strengths and skills that deserve emphasis.

By Todd R. Nelson

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Use Contingencies, Rather Than Consequences

People do better when they feel good - not bad - so, use contingencies, rather than imposing consequences. Here’s the simple, but effective technique!

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

The Busy Educator
The Busy Educator's Monthly Five: November 2008

Take students in a vitural tour of the USA, dig into how things work, learn literacy tips, teach about the stock market!

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
School Rules & Parents

This month: Enforcing school rules above parents’ objections and how to reward good behavior at the high school level.

By Barbara Pressman


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Featured Lesson Plans
Featured Lesson Plans, Resources, and
Theme Activities

Puritans, American Colonies, Native Americans and more in this month’s collection of lessons and resources for preschool – secondary grades.

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