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School Photographs for May 2009

This month we tour the third grade classroom of Rita Sheffield at Sunset Ridge Elementary School in Middleton, Wisconsin.
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May 1, 2009

Rita Sheffield
Third Grade Teacher

Sunset Ridge Elementary School
Middleton, Wisconsin

Our classroom library features many genres of books including animal fiction and non-fiction, biographies, fairy tales & legends, family books, friend books, funny books, alphabet books, sports books, scary books, science books, and math books. We also have a section in our library for our favorite authors and favorite characters, and the blue shelves hold social studies and science themed books. With our "cookie monster" pillow and body pillows, our class library is awesome!!

Every student in our class has a job to do throughout the week to make our classroom run smoothly. The jobs are rotated each week, The lily pads are color coded by when the jobs need to be done in the day: Blue = right away, Yellow = throughout the day, Red = last recess, Purple = end of day.

Our Math Center board features our daily Math Message, Number Grid, Sunrise/Sunset tracking chart, our Numbers Museum, and other math posters. The math shelves below include (right) the students' math boxes with their math supplies and (left) math games and activities for each unit.

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