Cover Story: Matt Levinson

Schools and Facebook: Moving Too Fast, or Not Fast Enough?

Schools can draw a line in the sand, with zero tolerance rules written into school handbooks, or they can shift with the changing sands of social networking and utilize social networking and Facebook to enhance teaching and learning.


The Document Camera: A Better Way to Present!

The document camera, commonly known as a video visualizer/ presenter or Elmo, is a modern replacement for the stand-alone overhead transparency projector that can display almost anything placed under its lens!

By Joe Frisk

Need a Teaching Job? Hereís Where to Find One

Job hunting? It is essential that you go through the process slowly and donít deal with those that charge a fee unless you feel it is worth it.

By Alan Haskvitz

Make Twitter an Ally
in the Classroom!

I have met the enemy... and made it my friend! Alan Haskvitz explores ways to use Twitter in the classroom.

By Alan Haskvitz

Teaching Is...

An intriguing analysis of the teaching-learning process, wherein the reciprocal process is neither "teaching" nor "learning."

By Bill Page

Celebrating True Heroes

People donít get into the business of teaching to become heroes. People choose the field of education to make a difference in the lives of kids. The hero part simply comes with the territory.

By Grayson Walles

Digital Pens &

Digital pens and touchscreens take digital drawing to a new level!

By Tim Newlin

12 Ways to Improve Your Teacher-
Parapro Experience

The role of paraprofessional is often ill-defined, which can contribute to frustration between teacher and assistant. Hereís help.

By Susan Fitzell

A Month of Writing Prompts

For each of the 31 days of May, thought-provoking prompts that will motivate your students to react in writing.

By James Wayne

Using Photography To Inspire
Creative Writing (part 7)

Reaching into the negative, using photographic icons and other creative uses of images to prompt written reflection.

By Hank Kellner

How to Increase Physics and Chemistry Majors

In the inner cities awaits an abundance of students who could become physicists and chemists, if only they could be turned on to a career in science.

By Stewart Brekke

Bibliotherapy Booklist for Elementary Students

Bibliotherapy helps students process difficult situations or changes in their lives; in fact, many teachers are using bibliotherapy techniques without knowing the term.

By Lisa Bundrick

8 Ways to Make Math Magical at School

Practical and creative activities that will promote the excitement of math in school. Effective, easy and inexpensive to implement!

By Steve Sherman

Brainteasers: Mathematical Thinking

NEW monthly feature! from Printable math brainteasers sure to engage students of all ages!

By Steve Sherman

What Will You Do For Shy Kids?

Social anxiety isnít as simple as just being shy; it can be emotionally and academically paralyzing, even for children.

By Majrie Braun Knudsen

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Featured Lesson Plans, Resources
and Theme Activities

Don’t pass up the massive collection of Dolch word activities, end of first grade test, first grade memory book, map and geography lessons for all levels, IEP progress, and a printable list of songs appropriate for use during graduation ceremonies!

Harry and Rosemary Wong

They Quietly Walked in and Began the Bellwork

On the first day of school, I stood at my door to welcome my students and observed as they quietly walked in the room, sat down, and began the bellwork while the students across the hall were in total chaos as the teacher tried to quiet them to begin class.


Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Comedy Highlights from Room K-1!

Kindergarten is fertile ground for harvesting a crop of cute anecdotes!

By Sue Gruber

What Will Your Students Remember?
Tips for being the teacher former students will be happy to recall.

By Leah Davies

The Principal Learning Curve

My Mrs. Krikorian

Can you hear the voice of the teacher in your past who looked past your outward appearances and touched your potential?

By Todd R. Nelson

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Discipline Is a Liberating Word

Discipline is not a dirty word. A happy life is a disciplined life.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

The Busy Educator's
Monthly 5: May 2009

This month Marjan explores AP physics lessons, the fine arts, world history, Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, and other works.

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Help! Too Much Talk!
Not Enough Work!

Barbara helps substitutes get studentsí attention back after open discussion and provides tips for when the teacher has left too little work.

By Barbara Pressman

Global Travel Guru
Mayan Sites and Paris
Easy on the Purse

This month weíre discovering some uncrowded Mayan sites and ways students can see the best of Paris on a budget.

By Josette Bonafino

Teaching Literacy
Doing Something Different, Simple and Powerful

Cheryl Sigmon shares some ideas for effecting major change in schools.

By Cheryl Sigmon

Teacher Morale Matters

How Parents and Teachers Can Encourage Each Other When students get to the point of saying, "Whatís the use?" it matters little about which curriculum and which tests are being used.

Dorothy Rich

Tools and Toys
Team Management - Itís in the Cards

Two toys, "Rainbow Cards" and "Team Cards" offer solutions so the benefits of teams wonít be lost in the shuffle!

By Rick Morris

Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

What do teachers need to teach so that their students can successfully address the multiple challenges of the 21st century?

By Hal Portner

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