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The Busy Educator's Monthly Five: May 2008

This month Marjan leads us to web-based Ghost Towns, games, topical tutorials, reading lessons and PRINTABLES!
by Marjan Glavac
Regular contributor to the Gazette
May 1, 2008
Each month Marjan Glavac, professional speaker, teacher and co-author of "How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom", presents The Busy Educator's Monthly Five -- five websites for educators that are easy to read, simple to use and worthwhile to know. Sign up for his free monthly Busy Educator's Newsletter at:


Gamequarium is an online, learning games portal for preschool through grade six students. There are currently more than 150 topic categories with links to more than 1500 games and activities. There are also special sections for teachers and parents, and sections on technology tutorials and web 2.0 tools - all available for free.

READINGLADY.COM is an online resource for educators seeking to interact with other educators as they expand their understanding of literacy teaching. Topics include Comprehension, Author Studies, Poetry, Six Trait Writing, and Assessment Documents. Numerous teaching resources and ready to implement lesson plans and posters are available for immediate download.


Ray Saitz, a teacher in Ontario, Canada, set out to produce an English and Library lesson plan website that would feature classroom tested lessons complete with the original student handouts. The site has now grown beyond just Ray's lessons and includes over 200, mostly secondary school English lesson plans contributed by teachers from all over the world. The lessons are arranged in the areas of literature, writing, poetry and library.


Whether you find yourself facing homework with your children, teach in the classroom, or home school, this site offers free, original K-12 lesson series, printable worksheets, online puzzles and more to stimulate every type of learner. Topics are conveniently indexed by grade and subject.


This web site's research represents an intriguing look back into Northeastern Washington States gold rush days of miners, prospectors, pioneers, Native Americans, million dollar mines and ghost towns of yesteryear. The site takes you back to the Boom Town days of yesteryear and brings back the other life in the ageless Old West mining era. Here is a rich bonanza of history for you to prospect without the hardships and tragedy.

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Marjan Glavac (BA, BEd, MA) is a professional speaker, teacher and author. He is a full time classroom teacher with 25 years teaching experience. He has taught and continues to teach students from the inner city, students with emotional/behavioral disorders, ESL, and IEP students. He is an international speaker and workshop presenter.

Marjan is the author of 3 books: The Busy Educatorís Guide To The World Wide Web 1st Edition, and 2nd Edition, and How To Make A Difference: Inspiring Students To Do Their Best, the creator of one of the Internetís longest running free teacher monthly newsletters: The Busy Educatorís Newsletter (1998) and co-author of "How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom".

Since 1993, Marjan has been involved in dozens of telecommunications projects involving students from K-University on every continent of the world. His K-8 students have also participated in e-mail, travel buddy, research projects and polishing mirrors for the NASA Starshine project. He and his classes have been filmed by TVO and Global's Kids-TV; featured in all local media - newspapers, TV, radio, as well as nationally in Reader's Digest, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Today's Parent, Home and Educational Computing and internationally on WGN and NPR radio, websites and dozens of student newspapers worldwide.

Marjan is currently a gr.6 home room teacher at Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario, Canada where he resides with his wife and two children. For more information about Marjan Glavac, his books, keynotes, training and seminars, visit him at his site at

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