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Only a School. Only a Teacher.

School is still, at its heart, a dance of men and women of character. A school is its teachers.


Successful Teachers

Teachers set the tone in a classroom and can affect children's lives in profound ways. When teachers model acceptance and caring for all children, the students are likely to follow their example.

By Leah Davies

Use Math's Magic to Intrigue Students Solving Linear Equations

"Children, we are going to do some magic, which all of you will enjoy. At the end of the period, you will know how to solve problems using linear equations...."

By P. R. Guruprasad

Two Teachers, Two Philosophies, One Result

My best teachers were not just different, they were opposites in life-style, age, gender, philosophy, education, experience, and pedagogy.

Bill Page

May Writing Prompts

In 1933, Nazi mobs burned school and library books which contained ideas they disagreed with. Many authors used the burning of their books to sell thousands of additional copies to people who were curious about what the Nazis disliked.....

By Jim Wayne

I Choose Teaching - A
Meaningful Career

"You want to be a teacher?? They donít make any money!" "Kids aren't like they used to be." "Are you CRAZY?"

By Donna Streetenberger

Treating All Students With Dignity

A Special Education teacher appeals to others to see what she sees in her students.

By Laura Dombrosky Miller

Favorite Teacher Appreciation Activities

Favorite Teacher Appreciation Day gifts and activities and some timeless articles.

Problem-Based Learning, Part 3: Good problems

Why do some of my students seem to lack the ability to go beyond factual knowledge to a deeper understanding of material?

By Hal Portner

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Drexel Learning Online Degree

2.4 million teachers will be needed in the next 11 years due to growing enrollment and class size reduction - Drexel E-Learning helps keep you competitive in this new job market.

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

The Gazette is a collaborative project published by the Teachers.Net community. Submit your work to the Gazette.

Harry & Rosemary Wong

An Amazing Kindergarten Teacher

On the first day of school, I start - as I do most days - waiting eagerly by the door. The difference is that on that first day, I greet each student on my knees....


Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Counting the Days Yet?

Do you feel as though your sanity is threatened by end-of-year tasks? Read this collection of tips and ideas!

By Barbara & Sue Gruber

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Promoting Responsibility - Or How Not To

Although the intentions are admirable, giving rewards for expected appropriate behavior does as much harm as good.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

Teaching Literacy

Differentiated Instruction & Ability Grouping

There is no evidence that ability grouping is necessary for Differentiating Instruction.

By Cheryl Sigmon

The Busy Educator
The Busy Educator's
May Five

This month Marjan leads us to web-based Ghost Towns, games, topical tutorials, reading lessons and PRINTABLES!

By Marjan Glavac


Clip Art Corner
'Subprime' Is Voted "Word Of The Year" For 2007

Bursting out of the banking sector, and beating competition from Facebook, water-boarding and Googleganger....

Virtual Professor
Academic Writing Guidelines

A veteran distance educator offers the writing guidelines she distributes to her students at the beginning of each course.

From the Archives
What is an Effective Teacher, Anyway?

Jan Fisher offers 14 attributes of effective teachers, and invites you to add to the list.

By Jan Fisher

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May Lesson Plans

Mother's Day activities to honor and delight the special women in children's lives; May activities; Career and Soccer skills lessons; Edible maps; more!

Candles of Inspiration
May Candles of Inspiration

"Is teaching like falling in love?" asks a discouraged teacher. The response will touch your heart.

Teachers Share
Favorite Teacher Appreciation Activities

An impressive collection of teachers' favorite Teacher Appreciation Day gifts and activities and some timeless articles.

Collective Wisdom
What Is It About Teaching That Keeps You Going?

Teachers bare their souls to explain what keeps them going in spite of all the challenges they face on the job.

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A Hidden Lesson, Baptism By Fire, ESL vocabulary lesson, I teach, therefore I learn, Ruben's Tube Physics Experiment, Mother's Day Video: Kids Answer Questions About Their Moms.

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