Cover Story: Graysen Walles

Teachers are Brave

Somewhere in this country a drive-by was avoided, a robbery was reconsidered, or a suicide attempt was abandoned because a teacher was willing to show up and make a difference in the classroom, administrative office, after school activity, or at the home of a child.

Recognizing Bullying

This month featured lesson, from Gillian Gabourie of Lindsay, Canada, helps teachers spot and eliminate bullying behavior.

By Gillian Gabourie

Old School Progress Reports

Some things never change. A progress report form is still an expression of a school community’s values and relationships, as well as individual achievement.

By Todd Nelson

Fifty Years of Teaching

By the time building administrators realized I was not following policy, my students were learning, successful, happy, and thriving.

By Bill Page

Strange Signs

Travelers to other countries often come across amusing signs. Here is a list of some of the more intriguing placards travelers may come across.

By Tim Newlin

Surefire Tips To Maximize Flexible Grouping and Small Group Learning

Research indicates that cooperative learning increases achievement.

By Susan Fitzell

Time to Reward Yourself

We have the job of moving America’s youth forward while inculcating values and providing a civilizing force for a society.

By Alan Haskvitz

March 2009 Writing Prompts

Why did the US Government buy a herd of camels? What did Dennis the Menace and Albert Einstein have in common? Whose brain set a record for the smallest brain ever measured for an adult man with a normal head?

James Wayne

Using Photography To Inspire Writing V

Use comic strips, family photos and other unique images to motivate students to write! The fifth in a series.

Hank Kellner

What’s Wrong With Teacher Education In This Country?

There is a training gap between informed perceptions, and teacher training.

Howard Seeman

"Slumdog Millionaire" Teaches About Education

Mark Twain reminded us: "Don’t let schooling interfere with your education, wisdom is hardly being listened to today."

Dorothy Rich

Improving Students’ Thinking Skills: Moving beyond the ‘Sage on the Stage’

Helping teachers extend their repertoire from a "sage on the stage" to a "guide on the side."

Ambreen Ahmed

Collective Wisdom
Managing Hyperactive Students

I have a first grade class of 22 students; about 9 of whom are extremely hyperactive… Does anyone have any good classroom management techniques for a challenging group such as this?

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Harry and Rosemary Wong

Assessing Student Learning

This month’s column features Brad Volkman, a former high school principal in the school division and how he helped students achieve success in the math class he taught...

Economic Relief for Teachers

Two dozen links from Teachers.Net designed to help you make the best of these tight economic times.

New Column by Rick Morris...
Tools and Toys
A Moment of Silence

Rick Morris shares innovative techniques for management, motivation, more! This month: work uninterrupted with small groups, using calming silence.

Educating Homeless Children

Children with no permanent residence lack a sense of security, are frequently ill, unable to concentrate and may exhibit unruly or withdrawn behavior and below average academic performance.

By Leah Davies

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The 21st Century Teaching-Learning Environment

Given the realities of a rapidly changing world, the concept of “classroom” must be expanded.

By Hal Portner

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

"Why Do You Teach?"

The question has been asked by my family and friends, "Why do you put up with it? Why would you or anyone else want to teach?"

By Sue Gruber

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Habit vs. Awareness and the Hierarchy of Social Development

Once something becomes a habit, awareness of it decreases.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

The Busy Educator's
Monthly 5: March 2009

Moviemaking for kids, Myths & legends in art, TREE - A graphic organizer for writing, International trades lessons for kids, and more!

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Reaching the Quiet Student

"Dear Barbara: the loud, outgoing students monopolize my time. The quiet children worry me. They can be overlooked and neglected. How can I reach them?"

By Barbara Pressman

Global Travel Guru
Tips for French Immersion and Arranging Safe Homestays

Our travel expert offers tips for French language immersion opportunities and arranging safe homestay placements.

By Josette Bonafino


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