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A Teacher Leader Speaks About Merit Pay; Tai Chi Relaxes Kids Between Lessons; Veggie Tale for St. Patrick's Day; A Dad On Asperger's Syndrome and Dr. Asperger's research; Make a Worm Farm! Animals Inspire Robotics
by Kathleen Alape Carpenter
Regular Feature for the Gazette
March 1, 2008
Teacher Merit Pay
Oklahoma Education Association President Roy Bishop soeaks on key Merit Pay points. (2:32)

Chi-Time at School
Tai chi for kids. School children ages 6-13, led by Penelope J. Klein EdD, PT, perform easy-to-follow tai chi and qigong exercise sets for classroom physical activity breaks. Full description at (3:04)

St. Patrick's Day the Veggie Tale Way!
Big Idea teaches kids about St. Patrick. Entertaining for children and adults. (9:14)

What is Autism? - Hans Asperger
The father of a child with Asperger's Syndrome shares and interprets Dr. Hans Asperger's sentinel paper in a clear and concise manner. (6:19)

Setting Up a Basic Worm Bin
Set up a basic composting worm bin. Start now and have it functioning in time for Earth Day! (3:16)

Robots Inspired by Animals
Robotics researchers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration. Watch a robotic salamander, a water strider robot, mechanical cockroaches and some cool self-configuring robots. (2:08)

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