Cover Story: Graysen Walles

Teaching - The Power of Influence

The impact of teaching is clear, and the influence of the profession is immeasurable. All it takes is one moment, one situation, one discussion to turn the life of a young learner.


Teachers Are Responsible For At-Risk Problems

Teachers deal with at-risk kidsí problems daily. Teachers hope for help from parents but canít expect it. The problems are theirs.

By Bill Page

Schools and Filters:
Ice Age, the Meltdown

Teachers need to figure out how to tap into student expertise and passion, and create authentic learning experiences with technology. This is no easy task.

By Matt Levinson

Using Photography To Inspire
Creative Writing (part 8)

There is no limit to the ways in which you can use photographs to inspire writing. Hank Kellner covers many more in part 8 of his provocative series.

By Hank Kellner

Effort: It Can be Taught!

In order for students to pull their hands out of their pockets and climb up the ladder, we need to help them understand that the climb can be made with effort.

By Deborah Granger

Homework: Damned If You Do, and If You Donít

About one of the most controversial issues in educationÖ whatís a teacher to do?

By Alan Haskvitz

12 Ways to Stop Conflict in its Tracks!

How to stand up for yourself without being overly aggressive or resorting to language that escalates the conflict.

By Susan Fitzell

The Writing on the Wall

To draw or communicate with pictures seems to be a deep-rooted human gene or need that gets triggered by the sight of an empty wall.

By Tim Newlin

More Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers from Steve Sherman of offers another set of brain teasers to sharpen the thinking skills of students - and adults of all ages.

By Steve Sherman

Teacher of Facts -
and of Life

As teachers, we do not just imprint the academic records of the children. We leave the imprints in their lives.

By Rachelle Ann A. Abad

Grant Writing Tips

A teacher whoís been successful in winning 11 grants in two years, funding many classroom materials and projects - even field trips - shares her winning strategies.

By Kimberly McCloud

Bald is Beautiful! Teachers, Students Lose Locks to Fight Childhood Cancer

Proving thereís no end to the lengths to which educators will go to help a worthy cause.

By David Peter Marchesseault

Collective Wisdom
Document Cameras:
What Do They Do?

"One of the best teaching tools ever!!" "It is a classroom must have!!!" Teachers in the know tell us about a helpful tech tool.

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The Lighter Side of Teaching

Help Wanted: Teaching Jobs

Harry and Rosemary Wong

Nine Year Summary of Articles, 2000 to 2009

On April 26, 2009, President Obama hosted the four 2009 finalists for Americaís top national teaching honor, the National Teacher of the Year award. Alex Kajitani, who teaches mathematics at Mission Middle School in the Escondido Union (Elementary) School District in San Diego County was one of the four finalists.


Tools and Toys
Classroom Clean-Up and Clay in a Can

An easy-to-manage strategy for getting everyone to participate in cleaning the classroom, plus a time filler that allows students to develop artistic abilities.

By Rick Morris

Buddy Programs for Elementary Schools
The experience provides benefits for both students involved, providing children with stimulating opportunities for learning, skill development and social support.

By Leah Davies

The Busy Educator's
Monthly 5: June 2009

Marjan pulls 5 more not-to-miss web sites out of his hat for teachers everywhere!

By Marjan Glavac

The Principal Learning Curve

Moving to September

Packing up the present school year is inextricably bound to our expectation of unpacking in the new one.

By Todd R. Nelson

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

The Three Rís for Summer: Rest, Relax and Recharge!

13 ways to enjoy your summer and prepare for the next school year!

By Sue Gruber

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Substitute issues: Bathroom Passes & Anger Management

Substitute teachers seek advice about managing lavatory requests and how to control anger.

By Barbara Pressman

Global Travel Guru
Preparing Students for Travel: Films and Immunizations

Prepare students for educational travel with great movies, and important immunizations!

By Josette Bonafino

A Message to Share with Parents about Summer Learning

Ways to communicate to parents how important summer is as a time for learning.

Dorothy Rich

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Ronald Reagan and the Art of Influence

How to influence and improve relationships.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

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Katney's Kaboodle, Yakima Valley Daily Photo, Ruby Stamper, Searching for Intelligent Life, Peaceful Living, Freedom to Eat, and more.

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