Cover Story: Lawrence Meyers

Is There Such a Thing as "The Great Teacher"?

You can make up all the checklists you want. You can take advice from your mentors. You can ruminate on educational philosophy until the cows come home. At the end of the day, however, what lies behind oneís teaching style is what matters. A "Great Teacher" is the right teacher at the right time, at the right place.


The No.1 Ladies Detective Series - Author Interview

Tim interviews the best selling author of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Alexander McCall Smith.

By Tim Newlin

Teachers and Technology: A Field of Dreams?

Do we present teachers with a field of dreams when it comes to implementing technology as a teaching tool, or do we leave them wandering?

By Matt Levinson

Resources for Teaching Students with Autism

A hefty collection of helpful links and references to help when you welcome an autistic child to your classroom.

By Alan Haskvitz

Applying Bloomís Taxonomy to Questioning Techniques in the Classroom

How to frame your questions so they will help develop studentsí higher order thinking skills.

By P.R. Guruprasad

Tips on Maximizing High School Physics Teaching

The author makes the case for designing physics instruction so that all students can succeed, and offers three simple steps to improve high school physics teaching and enrollments.

By Stuart Brekke

The Most Cost Effective Approach to Improve Teacher Education

The author calls upon professors in Colleges of Education to take a radical step.

By Edward Strauser

Merit Pay Problematic, Money Is Not the Ultimate Motivator for Teachers

A former supporter of merit pay for teachers tells why it doesnít work.

By Marion Brady

Drexel University Launches an Online Degree in Special Education

The new online masterís degree in special education will help prepare teachers to take on the challenges facing todayís students with learning disabilities and special needs.

By Drexel University

Global Travel Guru
Student Travel Topics: "Staycations" Expose Students to Other Cultures & Packing for Safety

Student travel close to home can be an economical but effective alternative to travel abroad. Plus some surprising tips about what to pack - and not pack - for safe travel.

By Josette Bonafino

Teachers.Net Favorites
Featured Lesson Plans, Resources
and Theme Activities

One of the finest collections of teacher tested activities and theme resources youíll find anywhere! Teachers.Net Community

Barb S. HS/MI
Apple Seeds
Today Is...

The Teachers.Net Newsdesk: July 2009

The Lighter Side of Teaching

Help Wanted: Teaching Jobs

Harry and Rosemary Wong

Teachers Are the Difference

Now in her sixth year of teaching, Melissa Dunbar has helped her students achieve a pass rate of between 92% - 99% over the years, with her ESL and Economically Disadvantaged students achieving a 100% pass rate this past school year!


Tools and Toys
Red Basket & Problem Solving Forms

K.I.S.S.! Albert Einstein once said that everything should be as simple as possible. With that in mind, Rick offers two extremely simple, yet highly effective tools that will reduce stress and save you time and energy.

By Rick Morris

Instant Ideas for Busy Teachers

Writing for Educational Publishers - Inside Secrets

Have you ever thought about writing educational products? Here are plenty of proven tips and ideas to get you started!

By Sue Gruber

Streaming Video
Teachers.Net Video Bytes: July

Assume The Position, Lost Generation, Bathtub IV, Walk On - ESPN Video, Funeral, Heal, and At Home with Mrs. Hen

Self-Injury In Children
Self-injurers come from a broad spectrum of social, economic and racial groups. They can range from being perfectionists to school dropouts.

By Leah Davies

The Principal Learning Curve

The School of No Knocks?

Are we going too far with efforts to eliminate conflict between kids? Should we be sending kids to the school of No Knocks?

By Todd R. Nelson

Promoting Learning & Discipline

Using Imaging to Move or Change Behavior

The images in our minds drive our behaviors. The body literally cannot move contrary to a vividly held image. Therefore, in order to change a habit or behavior, we must change our perception to include the new habit or behavior.

By Dr. Marvin Marshall

The Busy Educator's
Monthly 5: July 2009

This month Marjanís list of sites helps teachers: raise awareness of blindness and Braille, teach literature, work against bullying, and more.

By Marjan Glavac

Advice for Substitute Teachers
Substitute issues: What to Wear & Too Much Love

Barbara Pressman advises substitute teachers on appropriate dress and what to do when students say, "We like you better than our regular teacher!"

By Barbara Pressman

Collective Wisdom
Getting and Keeping the Attention of 3-4 Yr Olds

Itís not easy, but it can be done - if you use these nifty chants, songs, and techniques gathered from teachers on the Early Childhood Teachers Chatboard!

A Message to Share with Parents about Summer Learning

Ways to communicate to parents how important summer is as a time for learning.

Dorothy Rich

Free Printables
Printable Worksheets & Teaching Aids

Indulge this month with Sweet Classroom Rules, and print your July - August calendar.

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