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July 1, 2008
Thanks to the creativity and generosity of the Teachers.Net community, we offer the following printables for educators to use with their students. Just click and print!

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Latest contributions to Teachers.Net Printables

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The Early Reading Strategies Poster
aids beginning readers in remembering what to do while reading.


The 70 Phonograms Chart
was created to be used to help teachers keep track of what phonograms they have taught, what they need to teach, and what the children have mastered.


The Alphabet Book with Pictures
may look out of order when you scroll through the file, however it turns out in order after printing.

After the file is open, select print from the Acrobat File menu. Then in the printer's properties select to print in landscape and on both sides, then OK out. The printer will print the first half, then tell you to put the pages in again for the backs to be printed. When all the pages are printed. Fold the pages in half, and staple in the middle (use a long neck stapler to do this).

Basic Math Facts Tables
when completed by students, help them realize the patterns that exist, thus helping them to learn the basic facts more easily.

A blank table is included that can be easily customized.

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